Flydubai sees improved Zagreb loads


Flydubai handled 23.726 passengers on its Dubai - Zagreb service during the January - May period according to the statistical office of the European Union – Eurostat. The figure represents an increase of 24.5% on the same period last year but is still down 51.7% on the pre-pandemic 2019, when the route was served by Flydubai (from January until late March) and Emirates (from late March onwards). Its average cabin load factor on the route for the first five months of this year stood at 77.7% compared to 45% last year and 80.3% in 2019.

Flydubai Zagreb route performance, January - May 2023


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Dreams about Emirates returning are officially over

    1. Anonymous14:36

      Completely opposite. This just shows how Emirates can attract premium passengers as Croatia is premium destination. FlyDubai customer base is completely different than Emirates.

    2. Anonymous14:56

      But whera are now premium passangers? They are flying with who?

    3. Anonymous15:00

      He is making things up.

    4. Anonymous17:26

      They are now flying with Turkish and Qatar. As we can see both of them are increased number of seats to Zagreb. This is another proof I am right.

    5. Anonymous17:28

      QR passenger numbers on the route are down over 50% on 2019.

    6. Anonymous17:38

      They are flying to Ljubljana ;)

    7. Anonymous19:46

      Yes, as QR was nearly 70% down in capacity. Now rhey fly again 10 weekly from July and I heard from a person from Zagreb Airport they will keep 10 weekly also in winter period.

    8. Anonymous09:37

      @anon 17.26
      "They are now flying with Turkish and Qatar. As we can see both of them are increased number of seats to Zagreb. This is another proof I am right."

      This is only proof that you dont know what are you talking about, that is your wet dreams and just keep on dreaming.

  2. Anonymous13:35

    Those are really poor loads for FlyDubai. I am surprised that P2P demand is not there?

  3. Anonymous13:36

    What about LJU?

    1. Anonymous13:56

      Ljubljana had 22.571 in first 4 months (2973 more than Zagreb)

      JAN - 5653
      FEB - 6695
      MAR - 5288
      APR - 4935

    2. Anonymous15:12


    3. Anonymous16:37

      In May Ljubljana had 3707.

      So in first 5 months total was 26.278 (Zagreb had 2552 less than Ljubljana in first 5 months). Based on that I would say this route has quite some p2p.

      If we compare last year numbers we see that only March was performing slightly worse all other months are performing way better: 1-5 2022 result was 18.119 (8159 more in 2023 than in 2022, 45% increase).

      JAN 2.756
      FEB 3.888
      MAR 5.496
      APR 3.478
      MAJ 2.501

      So we might see Emirates flying to Ljubljana one day ;) :P

    4. Anonymous18:35

      Were there more flights to Ljubljana. Do you have also LF data?

    5. faktor619:29

      I dont have.:/ i can only tell you that compared to last year in first 5 months those are the results:

      FINLAND 4.272 +4.055 +1869%
      SWISS 32.345 +15.605 +93%
      EGIPT 13.326 +6.137 +85%
      SERBIA 32.963 +14.071 +74%
      POLAND 21.608 +8.944 +71%
      TURKEY 71.085 +25.940 +57%
      UAE 26.278 +8.159 +45%
      UK 48.127 +14.032 +41%
      FRANCE 38.532 +11.222 +41%
      BELGIUM 23.653 +6.312 +36%
      GERMANY 59.344 +15.444 +35%
      MONTENEGRO 8.071 +1.930 +31%
      NETHERLANDS 10.715 -6.780 -39%

      Istanbul has increased in absolute number the most, Netherlands is the only negative market.

  4. Anonymous13:43

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous14:23

    How about you read the comment just above your?! It says LJU had 3000 or 15% more passengers!

  6. Anonymous15:10

    Those are quite good loads and healthy. But it is all about yields. Once the global marks recover more and more I’m sure the loads will go up further and maybe even add a 6th or daily rotation.

  7. Anonymous21:38

    Don't forget that passengers from Asia that used to fly on Aeroflot to Zagreb are switching to FZ and QR so this is nothing spectacular.

  8. Anonymous00:05

    Demand would be much higher, but they are too expensive when flying from Australia

  9. Anonymous07:52

    FlyDubai is actually pretty expensive. Was cheaper for me to fly via Frankfurt with OU and I went Business / Premium economy. to Sydney.

    1. Anonymous07:55

      That was Business with Flydubai from Zagreb.

  10. Robert-HR10:32

    QR passenger numbers on the route are down over 50% on 2019.
    So what? QR 2019. flew 14pw/week, and 01-06/2023 only 5-7 pw.... You can't compare passenger numbers than load factor. Now Qatar flies to Zagreb more than to any other city in ex-Yugoslavia. That is a clear indicator of the recovery traffic towards Zagreb route.

    1. Anonymous22:13

      QR is now flying 10 weekly with load factors over 90% and a person from MZLZ told me they decided to continue with 10 weekly also in the winter. If they keep that load factor they might actually surpass 2019 passengers wise. Apparently money wise they are already making more on Zagreb route than in 2019, in spite of less seats.


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