Freak storm causes airport closures across EX-YU


A powerful supercell storm with strong winds and heavy rain has killed at least five people and injured dozens of others across the former Yugoslav republics yesterday, causing infrastructure damage and airport closures. In Banja Luka, part of the airport’s roof has been blown off, resulting in its closure. “We are assessing the damages in order for the airport to be reopened as soon as possible”, the General Manager of Banja Luka Airport, Natalija Trivić, said.

In Zagreb, a number of flights were delayed and two were diverted yesterday afternoon as the storm swept through the city, causing localised flash flooding near the airport. The airport is now operating normally.
In Belgrade, the airport was closed for over an hour yesterday evening as the storm advanced across the Serbian capital, resulting in delays and the cancellation of several flights. An Air Serbia ATR72 aircraft, which was taxiing to the runway at Belgrade Airport bound for Krakow when the storm hit, had its engine fire indication activated because of strong tailwinds on the tarmac, according to the carrier. Consequently, the aircraft’s fire extinguishing systems were triggered. The flight was eventually cancelled.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    How much damage does the aircraft’s fire extinguishing system do once activated? I just hope it's not something that takes them a few days to repair

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Yeah, I'm very interested in this as well - what happens to the engine once the system is activated?

    2. Anonymous11:57

      YU-ALW was doing that flight. The plane hasn't flown today which is indicative.

    3. Anonymous12:51

      Maybe its like when fire extinguishing system works in other places. it stops the fire but ruins the system,
      maybe they'll need to replace the engine.

    4. Anonymous13:15

      I guess no ATR mechanics/pilots here :(

    5. Anonymous15:16

      the engine can stay on wing, as halon doesnt destroy anything, just replace the fire extinguisher bottles

  2. Anonymous14:01

    Meanwhile despite NOTAM of airport in Banja Luka being closed, Ryanair departed from Stockholm. Not sure what they will do when they approach Banja Luka.

    1. Anonymous14:03

      It diverted to Zagreb. I'm just wondering why they took off when the NOTAM was already issued for hours by the time the flight departed.

    2. Anonymous14:17

      Because Ryanair informs the passengers that BNX is closed and that they'll land to ZAG. Considering the two hours distance in between, I doubt any passenger would complain and cancel its flight.

    3. Anonymous14:30

      I'm interested for tomorrows flight from Stockholm, it will probably going to be rerouted.

      Can we see reroute change on some of sites? (flight radar, etc.?)

  3. Anonymous03:17

    After discharge the fire extinguisher in the engines it must be washed and cleaned inside and remove any traces of the fire agent, of course investigate and discard the reason for the fire indication. Check then all the parts and engine are clean and replace the fire extinguisher bottles and test the fire circuit loops and finish testing the circuitry to the fire handles in the cockpit.


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