Pegasus Airlines schedules Podgorica launch


Turkish low cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has scheduled flights between Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Podgorica. The development comes following talks between the carrier and the Montenegrin government which enabled the entry of a third airline between the two markets alongside Air Montenegro and Turkish Airlines. Pegasus will operate four weekly rotations between the two cities with its Airbus A320 aircraft starting July 19. Further flight details can be found here. Last year, a record 235.948 passengers flew between Podgorica, Tivat and Istanbul.


  1. Anonymous10:36

    Wow scheduling just 2 weeks ahead of launch

  2. Anonymous15:47

    Four times a week is impressive !
    As much frequencies as they have in Belgrade .
    I wish they would be allowed to go there daily ..

    1. Anonymous18:46

      Lots of Russian and Ukrainian tourists travel to Montenegro via Istanbul.

    2. Anonymous19:33

      It's crazy poor Ukrainians suffer while the rich travel and during war...

    3. Anonymous01:16

      Dont remember any Americans stop traveling during the ‘99. bombing campaign.

  3. Gentleman17:07

    Don't forget Tailwind along with these three carriers! Turkish impact is now massive

    1. Anonymous17:14

      Tailwind are charters not scheduled flights.

    2. Anonymous19:31

      Tailwind is also one of the few airlines to avoid sanctions. They do Istanbul-Moscow-Vnukovo-Podgorica, that is, secretly we have flights from Russia to Montenegro. They also have flights to Chisinau. Here's how Tailwind does good business secretly. Even more interesting is that they are taking a Ukrainian 737 from Sky Up. What times we live in lol.

    3. Anonymous22:36

      Sanctions are the art of punishing yourself...

  4. Anonymous03:07

    Since a couple of years we have a lot of turkish people which moved to Montenegro they opend shops and restaurents or construction companies. I think they opend something like over 30.000 companies


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