Serbia, Croatia airspace to be overloaded in coming days


Eurocontrol, the organisation that manages Europe’s airspace, has said that this summer will be a “challenging” period with an estimated 33.000 flights per day over the next eight weeks. On Fridays, one of the most popular days to travel, that number could exceed 34.000. With increased demand comes more pressure on the industry to cope with its current challenges. The surge in air traffic has led the organisation to issue warnings for key cities and regions across Europe, including Belgrade and Zagreb. Eurocontrol has said that Area Control Centres in the Serbian and Croatian capitals will experience “high overloads” of traffic on July 8 and July 15. When skies are busy, the number of flights that can enter an air traffic control area may be capped to prevent controllers from being overwhelmed. As a result, airlines may be forced to fly longer routes or passengers might be delayed as air traffic controllers cope with the overcrowding. Athens in Greece and Reims and Marseille in France are likely to be affected on most days this summer. Eurocontrol has also issued warnings for London, Barcelona and Brussels.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    It's not that this was uncommon before - I remember sitting in a cute turboprop at SMI and the pilot advising we cannot take off as ATH airport is too busy.

  2. Anonymous13:07

    Whoever flies often, knows that this happens all the time. Airplane arrives on time, everyone boarded, bags loaded, but. + 30 min because:
    1. Storm over France
    2. Airport closed due to storm
    3. Air "highways" busy aka air traffic control overloaded

  3. Anonymous14:32

    it is horrible what is going on at BEG, most of JU's flights depart with huge delay... shame on them!

    1. Anonymous14:56

      Once you start reading something different than Alo and Jutarnji you will notice that United CEO replays every day about problems with controllers and thunderstorms and delays caused by this factors.

    2. Miroslav NY15:46

      Correct. Our United flight from Newark to Frankfurt was delayed five hours on Monday

  4. Anonymous14:59

    Off-Topic but BEG Tower is beautiful :)

    1. Anonymous17:38

      Expert commentators here said it was plain, boring and even architectural shame. On top of showcasing precisely "what is wrong in Serbia" :D

    2. Anonymous00:37

      I think it is just meh. Could have been so much better, creative, more exciting. I know I'll be labeled a hater, so be it.

    3. Anonymous09:59

      It is nice but I failed to understand how that polygonal top floor fits in all square design of rest of the tower.

    4. Anonymous07:07

      EDI airport is what I call a nice tower 😀 nevertheless, still nice to see something new at YU airports!

  5. Anonymous07:35

    89 flights yesterday to SPU airport. From Ciovo, for an AVgeek - that was heaven. Even caught asymmetrical Wizzair flying in - a320neo with one winglet and one Sharklet.


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