Trending in June

The following are the ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout June according to accumulated statistics: 

The three most read trip reports in June:

The most popular vintage photo published in June

JAT ad in German magazine, 1978

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. Germany
6. United Kingdom
7. Canada
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. Switzerland
10. Macedonia
11. Australia
12. Netherlands
13. Austria
14. Sweden
15. Italy


  1. Anonymous09:57

    Could admins start posting the views on the articles as well?

  2. Anonymous10:33

    The vintage ad is magnificent. Ljiljana Tica first and best YU top model in uniform for JAT created by world creator Mirjana Maric. There are rumors that song Bitanga and princeza by Bijelo Dugme is about Brega and Ljiljana :)

  3. Anonymous14:03

    Could someone please translate from German, but not google. Thanks

    1. Anonymous15:26

      Every Tuesday and Friday JAT’s scheduled flight Belgrade–Singapore–Sydney. Connections to European capitals YUGOSLAV AIR TRANSPORT


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