Air Serbia - jetBlue codeshare enters into force


The wide-ranging codeshare agreement between Air Serbia and jetBlue has entered into force enabling better connectivity between Serbia and the United States. As previously reported, under the deal, jetBlue has placed its “B6” designator code and flight numbers onto Air Serbia’s services between Belgrade and New York, as well as between Belgrade and Chicago. On the other hand, Air Serbia has placed its “JU” designator code and flight numbers onto 26 jetBlue destinations from New York to other points in the United States and the Dominican Republic. They include: Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Charleston, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Ontario (California), Orlando, Phoenix, Portland (PDX), Portland (PWM), Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, Santiago (Dominican Republic), Santo Domingo, Tampa and West Palm Beach.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    How come it went into force when you still don't have Belgrade on B6's website?

    1. Anonymous10:41

      The codeshare started yesterday. You can purchase tickets on JU website and fares are actually good. And as a note, just because something isn't displaying on the website at the moment does not mean the codeshare does not exist.

    2. Anonymous10:43

      Those tickets were sold months ago because they had an interline. It obviously did not come into force if B6 did not load the codeshare on their website.

    3. The codeshare is in force as of yesterday 31 July

      B66400 Belgrade - New York
      B66401 New York - Belgrade

      B66402 Belgrade - Chicago
      B66403 Chicago - Belgrade

    4. Air Serbia operated by jetBlue departing JFK

      Atlanta JU8547
      Boston JU8515
      Buffalo JU8539
      Charleston JU8545
      Detroit JU8571
      Fort Lauderdale JU8556
      Jacksonville JU8554
      Las Vegas JU8506
      Los Angeles JU8521
      Kansas City JU8577
      Orlando JU8549
      Miami JU8561
      Ontario JU8541
      West Palm Beach JU8579
      Portland JU8537
      Portland PWM JU8566
      Phoenix JU8504
      Raleigh/Durham JU8543
      Fort Myers JU8568
      San Diego JU8508
      San Francisco JU8510
      Tampa JU8563

    5. Anonymous11:04

      You know it usually takes some time for airlines to load this onto their websites. It is true the codeshares are displaying in the system as I can see.

    6. Anonymous11:06

      Maybe it shows in the system but it means little for us passengers who are buying tickets online. On JU's website it's the interline agreement and on B6 there is no mention of JU or BEG.

    7. Anonymous11:06

      So, there is currently no codeshare on routes to Dominican Republic? I guess those will be added later.

    8. Anonymous11:07

      Anon 11:06

      Air Serbia's website is showing codeshare options with jetBlue.

    9. Anonymous11:41

      Why does jetBlue's website not showing codeshare options with Air Serbia?

    10. Anonymous11:42

      They will add it in a few days. Calm down.

    11. Anonymous15:31

      Some people pledged not to fly Air Serbia yet they are upset about JU codeshare. LOL.

    12. Anonymous18:54

      They are not the same people bruh.

    13. Anonymous10:11

      Actually, yes they are. Easy to see..

  2. Anonymous14:30

    I hope they also add JU codeshare on JetBlue's flight from JFK and BOS to London, Amsterdam and Paris.

    1. Anonymous17:16

      it doesn't make sense since both JFK and BOS had good connections to the mentioned cities and didn't have to use Belgrade as hub

  3. Anonymous01:52

    Great news.


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