LOT schedules Podgorica flights for most of winter


LOT Polish Airlines has scheduled and put on sale winter flights between Warsaw and Podgorica, for the first time in four years. As previously reported, the carrier recently expressed its interest in extending the flights into the winter season, which begins on October 29 and runs until March 30. LOT plans to maintain the service three times per week between the two capitals until January 14, after which operations will be suspended until February 24. Overall, LOT will perform 97 flight operations on the Podgorica route this winter (both directions included) with 7.738 available seats. A mix of Embraer E170 and E175 aircraft will be predominately deployed on the route, although equipment may vary based on demand. The E190 has been scheduled to operate rotations on February 24, as well as March 23 and March 30.


  1. Anonymous14:12

    SJJ when???

    1. Anonymous08:00

      @14:12 LOT is waiting for Sarajevo city council to put a zebra crossing in front of the main access to the airport (Kurta Schorka), ideally next to the intersection with Transverzala. Oh, and ideally for some Higher Power to get rid of the fog in winter. Just a joke (we’ll, I’d love the zebra crossing!) but, as a bimonthly commuter myself on the SJJ-WAW-SJJ flights, I’m also a fan of the idea of LOT @SJJ throughout the year. Sadly, though, I strongly doubt it’s going to happen and that’s because you won’t get the transits from ORD, Northern Europe or Poles heading to Mostar or trekking, it is a highly seasonal service indeed. TGD, on the other hand, is already a well-established route and I guess the winter drop in terms of passengers can easily be “offset” with tourists, connections from other parts of Europe and so on.

  2. Anonymous15:04

    LO has the perfect aircraft for these type of routes.

    1. Slav.Man16:46

      I wish JU would learn from LOT. that the E170 + E175 are also needed for their network than the bigger 195

    2. Anonymous21:13

      For a three weekly flight to some random place they can use ATR or don't fly it at all. What's the point?

    3. Slav.Man10:36

      The smaller embraer can connect INI to all of europe and even a lot of the east. The atr cant do that

      The smaller embraer is also great for starting the skinny routes to Georgia and armenia and north africa

  3. Anonymous17:04

    Well done, TGD.


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