Podgorica Airport handles millionth passenger


Podgorica Airport welcomed its millionth traveller of the year on August 14, the earliest it has ever done so. In the pre-pandemic 2019 it handled its millionth passenger forty days later. “I am delighted to see smooth traffic flow despite various challenges, while at the same time managing to achieve admirable results. In this light, I have to emphasise Podgorica Airport’s success in particular, given that since January 1 to date we have handled one million passengers, meaning 27% more compared to the same period in 2019, which is used as a benchmark year“, Deputy General Manager of operator Airports of Montenegro, Petar Radulović, said. On the other hand, Tivat Airport continues to struggle with the fallout of the war in Ukraine with passenger numbers down 37% on 2019. Up until August 13, it handled 528.840 passengers in 2023.


  1. Anonymous13:56

    Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous17:05

      You mean Podgorica? Because Tivat is not winning.

  2. notLufthansa14:09

    Only one thing pops into my mind

  3. Anonymous16:53

    what? it handled 1 million passengers earlier than it did in 2019 but passenger numbers are down?

    1. Anonymous16:54

      ignore me above, i missed the word Tivat


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