Zagreb Airport deploys TAV Technologies solutions


Zagreb Airport has rolled out new IT solutions developed by TAV Technologies, creating a better passenger experience, and increasing operational efficiency. The Croatian airport has begun using the Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) enabled with business intelligence functions through TAV Technologies’ PAX Analyzer solution and Travel Document Authorization System (TDAS) to create a united structure for check-in, boarding, and passenger flow management. These technology solutions create synergy and manage the overall passenger journey by streamlining passenger touchpoints at Zagreb Airport. CUPPS enables airlines and airport stakeholders to use the same equipment, regardless of the airline brand, and is integrated at 75 workstations across check-in, boarding, and gate areas. By integrating CUPPS, Zagreb Airport reduces its reliance on expensive hardware and IT maintenance costs. CUPPS is integrated with 24 airline brands, enabling the optimisation of airport management, airlines, and ground handlers' operations. On the other hand, the Pax Analyzer provides real-time analytics and predictions utilising data from CUPPS and flights’ aviation information data exchange messages. These integrated systems improve passenger flow inside the terminal and leverage artificial intelligence for data insights and predictive scenarios. Zagreb Airport’s General Manager, Huseyin Bahadır Bedir, said, "The user-friendly solutions offer an easy-to-learn and modern user experience for all our airport employees. Cooperating with TAV Technologies as our solution partner added value to our airport in terms of technological innovation and improved passenger satisfaction". TAV Airports is one of the main shareholders in the consortium running Zagreb Airport.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    What they should do is optimise security

  2. Anonymous14:05

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous14:49

      I am sure you understand and read the article... Ah, no, you just post your comment when you read Croatia no matter what it is about.

    2. Anonymous19:21

      Is this something negative about Hrvatska?

    3. Anonymous09:52

      Neither it is positive. It's just information about the implementation of some technology, neither developed nor achieved by Croatia. It's nice to be patriotic, but this is forum, not a chearleaders group.

    4. Anonymous13:14

      I was waiting for the Bravo Hrvatska guy to show up.

  3. Anonymous23:26

    yes, but wait for the staff to disembark the plane for half an hour.


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