Zagreb Airport growth slows to under 1%


Zagreb Airport handled 369.493 passengers in July, representing an increase of just 0.9% on the pre-pandemic 2019 or an extra 3.251 travellers. However, the figure is still up 12.2% on last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 4.144, down 4.9% on 2019, but an improvement of 6.5% on last year. During the January - July period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 2.063.005 travellers through its doors, an increase of 8.9% and 26.7% on 2019 and 2022 respectively. Despite the slower growth rate, Zagreb Airport still saw its busiest July on record and is currently experiencing its busiest year on record. In August, Zagreb Airport's capacity will be up 1.6% on the pre-pandemic 2019, totalling just over 481.000 seats, while flight operations are projected to be 5% below 2019 levels.  


  1. Anonymous10:33

    With capacity up just 1% in August, results for this month won't be much better.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      And that probably means that numbers in august will be under 100%

    2. Anonymous10:52

      Not surprised, September most likely as well. Vueling cut ZAG to one weekly in September, Finnair replaced the A321 with E90 (they cancelled their last flight on 08.10) and AF isn't sending anything larger than E90.

      Demand seems to have gone soft. Meanwhile OU is laughing from the sunny coast where they are flying full and printing money which made them profitable in H1.

    3. Yeah, the capacity is up by 1.6% but it probably won't be 100% filled so out of 481k seats maybe 400k will be utilized.

      What was the August like in 2019.?

    4. Anonymous08:03

      In August 2019 ZAG had 376.026 passengers.
      If ZAG had 376.026 passengers and roughly 400.000 seats on offer back then, it means airlines weren't performing as well in terms of load factor.

      Let's see if ZAG will have 40.000 passengers more in August than in July.

    5. They need 30 000 more..Last month they had just under 370k.

  2. Anonymous10:34


  3. Anonymous10:41

    How funny this look like, Purgers fairy expectation

    Zagreb did ok, around 140 flights were cancelled, that amounts to roughly 12000 pax, had these been included in May figures, 341-342 000. I predicted airport would do between 325-330k, it did so, June will be very good.

    Projections for rest of the year, although this isn't hard to guess considering the trend.
    So far - 1.346 000
    June - 360-370 000
    July - 390-405 000
    August - 410-425 000
    September - 390-400 000
    October - 380-390 000
    November - 310-325 000
    December - 300-310 000
    Total: 3890 000 - 3970 000

    Do you have some funny news more?

    1. Anonymous15:28

      This is pure gold. His laughably inflated passenger number projections for ZAG airport should be a caution for some mainstream media asking for his self-proclaimed "expert" opinion.

    2. Anonymous15:32

      Now he projects 3,6 million passengers.

    3. At least he is consistently wrong. :) Always some 15 - 20k short of the lower estimate, so by dialing the numbers properly down, one get get a rather reliable estimate.
      Let's see...okay, ZAG should be at around 390k this month.
      Mark that down and we'll test the hypothesis in a month.

    4. Anonymous17:47

      @15.28 and bosnian airports that he has odlicne veze with lol

  4. Anonymous10:46

    It also seems Vueling removed BCN-ZAG for next year. They still have BCN-SPU and DBV on sale but not ZAG.

    1. Anonymous10:53

      Both SPU and DBV were butchered by VY. SPU went from 9 weekly to just 2. Quo vadis Horvatia.

    2. Anonymous11:00

      HR might be too expensive for spanish tourists

    3. Anonymous11:02

      Yes but with rapid salary growth in Croatia, Spain has become more than affordable for many. I guess that is why OU does well in BCN, many don't have to fly on LCC like Vueling, Ryanair or Wizz Air.

    4. Anonymous11:58

      ZAG good numbers are only becase of cheap Ryanair

    5. Anonymous12:23

      Rapid salary growth lol? I would say extremely increase in prices in every possible way on Croatia.

    6. Anonymous17:07

      Vueling cutv ZAD BCN completely.

    7. Anonymous10:35

      This is per now. Flight number will definitely increase during winter/spring period

    8. Anonymous12:25

      Finnair also removed HEL-ZAG from next year.

  5. Anonymous12:29

    Well if Slovenia really gets a national carrier at the end of the next year that could be a big game changer in the ZAG- LJU region and could affect ZAG even more

    1. Anonymous13:04

      Yes. When even more Slovenians will be forced to flee to ZAG.

    2. Anonymous13:08

      @ 12:29

      In Adria's "heyday" (if there ever was one), it was estimated by different experts and articles in Slovenia that over 1.5 million fliers leave SLO for near-by airports. Do you really think the slimmed-down version of Adria will solve anything? Absolutely not. What it can do is push away the likes of Swiss and LH who won't bother with SLO and will leave the market to the new carrier. That's all that will happen. The rest of us who fly (and pay for it ourselves!) will still be driving to ZAG or VCE/TSF much like we have done so far. Thank you, Slovenia! The only country in Europe where FR doesn't fly. But hey, at least Air Slovenistan is soon going to happen. With my money, too! How lucky am I.

    3. Anonymous13:12

      ^another worried taxpayer!

    4. Anonymous13:53

      Sick of people like this

  6. medial salary in Zagreb 1000 Eur,
    city without investments
    defacto economically unimportant, maybe of political importance and that is covered by FRA and BRU
    tourists rarely travel,
    the railway infrastructure does not exist (you have to land at 17:00 to be able to take the last trains to the north and east)
    falg carrier, we know everything about him

    1. Anonymous16:27

      Actually the median salary in Zagreb is almost 2000 euro. 1965€ to be precise. Since you've chosen to go by median.
      Even the average salary is way above 1000 euro.
      The city isn't economically unimportant. In fact it contributes to the Croatian GDP with over 1/3 while having 1/5 of the population, and if you take the surrounding Zagreb county into consideration i.e. the metropolitan area, then it surpasses 40% of Croatian GDP. By a lot.
      Unlike much of Croatia, Zagreb doesn't live only on tourism for like 3 - 4 months, while being dead the rest of the year. It has industry, for example producing modern trains and trams at Končar, since you've mentioned railway.
      Speaking of railway, there are night trains, so don't know what you are talking about. I traveled to Split by night train from Zagreb less than 3 weeks ago.
      It's also the main trading hub and the financial center of the country.
      I won't even comment on no investments.
      You are clearly talking out of pure ignorance.

    2. Anonymous16:41

      hahaha right ... someone is daydreaming

    3. Anonymous17:40

      Daydreaming? You clearly have internet connection so simply look it up. That's all it takes.

    4. Mario17:58

      I think you don't understand what median salary is (please google). In Zagreb it's for sure not 2000€. It's about 1100€.

    5. Anonymous19:25

      He is talking gross, not net

    6. Anonymous07:48

      No, Mario. It is you who doesn't understand what median means. Median isn't average.
      The average in all of Croatia is calculated by using mean, not median. The reason being, the latter often skews up especially in markets such as Zagreb, where both highs and lows, are significantly higher compared to rest of the country.
      The average is closer to what you say although currently 1100€ is for Croatia as a whole. In Zagreb it's 1300€.
      Now if that average were calculated by median, Zagreb would be even higher ~ 1950€, while the rest of Croatia would be even lower ~ 825€.

      I purposefully went with the median, because Prle above used it for some reason, while at the same time trolling.

  7. Anonymous05:42

    Flew through Zagreb twice in July. Arrived at 1530-ish with HOP (flight was delayed) and the airport was completely deserted. Definitely more busy when leaving on Sunday but still there is so much room for more capacity if someone can generate the demand. All in all, its a great airport with decent enough facilities. Shame it is being waisted by OU as a possible great little mini hub.

    1. Anonymous08:04

      How was the load on your flight with HOP?

      Well they really need to do some soul-searching to tell you the truth because in July SKP reduced the difference to just 56.000 passengers. Why is TAV doing a fine job in SKP but not so much in ZAG?

    2. Anonymous09:04

      80 to 90% full I would guess

    3. Anonymous12:08

      actually TAV is doing fine at ZAG. If they didnt lure Ryanair their numbers would have been lower than both PRN and SKP

    4. Anonymous06:54

      Yup, they're doing fine at ZAG. If they had done nothing and decided to depend on OU, their numbers would probably be at Skopje levels or behind.

    5. Anonymous16:19

      I would like to add my opinion on the comment to the airport being deserted. The airport only has departures and arrivals. It has very few connecting flights. The only people who hang around airports are people waiting for their connecting flights. That is why the airport looks deserted. The frequency of flights is the only way this airport can make money.


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