Adria Tehnika secures major LCC as new customer


Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, Adria Tehnika, a member of the Avia Prime Group, has reached an agreement with low cost carrier Vueling to service some of its aircraft. The Ljubljana-based MRO specialist, said, “We are truly honoured to have gained Vueling's trust and eagerly anticipate an exceptional maintenance season ahead”. Adria Tehnika has agreements in place with several major European budget carriers including a four-year deal with Wizz Air, a recently renewed five-year contract with easyJet, as well as an agreement with Volotea.


  1. Anonymous13:31

    Is the wide-body hangar still planed?

  2. Anonymous18:17

    How many planes that maintain per month?
    I have no idea about this business, so if someone can explain a bit more it would be nice. Tnx.

    1. Anonymous18:36

      @anon 18:17
      Depends on various factors. Type of check, how old aircraft is, condition of aircraft. Could be anywhere from 7 to 30 days per aircraft.

    2. Anonymous18:56

      I can assure you that despite the infrastructure LJU has served more aircraft than BEG, OTP, SOF, BUD.

    3. Anonymous21:06

      Exactly, so that's why I am curious how many aircraft they check per month... Between 7 and 30 sounds like really a lot, so o wander why JaT tehnika cannot serve AirSerbia at least.

    4. Anonymous21:11

      Considering that
      almost every day a new plane lands for repairs….
      Maybe 20 I think?

    5. Anonymous21:35

      Currently average rotation of aircraft on three hangar slots are around 7-10 days, other two are around 20 days but of course that time can be extended if something mayor is found on some specific part of aircraft

  3. Anonymous20:19

    Its time for them to expand and build that bigger hangar that they have planned

  4. Anonymous20:41

    Regarding the new hangar, the government needs to decide where it will allow it first. The people responsible to make that decision are the people who are currently still thinking of ways on how to justify a national carrier.

    1. Anonymous21:09

      Wouldn't it be smart to expend in Maribor and do the maintenance and check on aircrafts that otherwise don't fly to Ljubljana? And they have a lot of space to expand?

    2. Anonymous21:30

      And just ask all the Adria Tehnika employees to drive an hour and a half longer to work every day? You cannot just move a company like that. To top it all off, Maribor has exactly the same issue as Ljubljana regarding spatial planning. No vision, knowledge or experience from the people who are in charge and are rather paying for studies on how to create a new national carrier.


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