Air Serbia sees record New York results


Air Serbia has registered its busiest first half of the year on the Belgrade - New York service. The carrier welcomed 35.008 passenger on its flights between the two cities, eclipsing its previous record over the six-month period set in 2018 by 11%. Figures were up 39% on last year. The average cabin load factor across the first six months stood at 73.7%, up 9.4 points on last year. “The Serbian flag carrier’s results on flights between Belgrade and New York JFK were among the best achieved by a European airline”, Air Serbia said. During the January - June period, Air Serbia operated a total of 184 flight operations on the route (outbound and inbound combined) and put 47.530 seats on sale. 


  1. Anonymous13:34

    Bravo Air Serbia 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

    1. Anonymous19:23

      35 008 x 500us=17.5 milion, Around 8 mil for fuel+4 mil air plane lease, employee salaries and airport fees= gross net profit 5 mill us.....Rough estimate

    2. Anonymous22:14

      И карта за биз класу кошта само 500 долара? Карго лети за џабе? Нико не плаћа додатне услуге, други кофер итд? Занимљиво.

      Онда овај следећи анон каже да губе паре иако су зарађивали и прошле године са мање летова него ове. Брате, ово је као у цртаном филму, овакви ликови не постоје у стварности...

    3. Anonymous08:43

      500 $ po pravcu je ok estimate...i promet je tu negde ali troskovi nisu tako jednostavni:
      -fuel blize 10 miliona
      -lease niko ne zna cenu
      -salaries moze da se izracuna
      - i jos fiksnih troskova zgradeu BEG, zarade administracije, predstavnistva u New Yorku, provizije agencijama itd itd
      -udeo biznis putnika kod AS nije preveliki (ne verujem da je vise od 5-6%)
      -kargo ipak nemamo nikakve podatke
      Jednostavno ima mnogo elemenata i mi to sa ove strane ne mozemo znati.
      Radio sam u jednom delu pa znam malo vise od proseka ali svaki je avion i linija slucaj za sebe.
      Realno, tesko je napraviti pare ali je dobro imati uslugu za putnike.
      Nema mnogo malih avio kompanija u svetu koje imaju sirokotrupne avione i prave pare.
      Fact: Lufthansa koja je pre covida imala 125.000 zaposlenih nije pravila ili tesko je pravila profit.
      Mercedes sa slicnim brojem zaposlenih pravi (2022) 14.8 milijardi profita.
      Avio saobracaj nije grana privrede koja pravi novac - ona je tu da servisira gradjane, da isplati plate i ima indirektan uticaj na privredu (turizam, brzi izvoz i uvoz robe i slicno).
      Sto pre shvatimo to bice lakse svima.
      Sve najbolje!

  2. Anonymous13:52

    73% is very bad result

    1. Anonymous13:55

      It does not include 2 strongest months - July and August and therefore this is result is quite good.

    2. Anonymous14:03

      According to US department of transport it is one of the highest Eload factors to/from New York by a European airline. Higher then British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian, Air France.... The problem is that people here don't understand what averages mean. They think a route's profitability is dependent on an average load factor over six months.

    3. Anonymous14:07

      yes, if you look at department of transportation numbers, Air Serbia's load factor was higher than Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, LOT Polish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and ITA Airways.

    4. Anonymous14:12

      When load factors on flights operated by airlines to and from Zagreb with Embraers for first six months are below 60% the results are considered excellent by commentators because it includes weakest months of the year. When Air Serbia has 73% load factor on a route during the same period operated by wide body aircraft the result is "very bad".

    5. Anonymous14:30

      "73% is very bad result"

      Not really. But what certainly is very bad is your knowledge of aviation and your levels of jealousy.

    6. Anonymous15:26

      Don’t forget that cargo also have huge impact on profitability for oversea operations.

    7. Anonymous16:02

      Bro thinks that if the LF is not 100% then there isnt profit.

    8. Anonymous17:43

      Tbh if any, 100% LF would indicate something is not right. It'd mean either that the route needs more capacity or that the prices are too low.
      But anyways 73% out of season is a decent number. Still room for improvement, but certainly not a bad result, but this is ex yu and things need to be measured only in extremes...

    9. Anonymous17:47

      LF does not give you clear picture. You can sell $20 round trip ticket to New York and have 100% full flights and make enormous losses.

    10. Anonymous16:24

      Load factor is for the first 6 month only. Air Serbia had over 90% load in July and august

  3. Anonymous13:57

    I thought the load factor was over 90%, best in Europe? What happened?

    1. Anonymous14:01

      It was in January, February and March when there were fewer flights. This load factor includes SIX MONTHS in both directions. It would be really useful if people here learnt what load factor actually means.

    2. Anonymous14:09

      Loads were never over 90%. You just made that up, I guess for dramatic effect. Loads hovered in the high 80s for the first 4 months of the year.

  4. Anonymous14:08

    Results are even more impressive considering Air Serbia launched flights to Chicago as well.

  5. Anonymous14:19

    We want Chicago :)

    1. Anonymous14:34

      Talked to a guy who flew ORD-BEG recently and he said there were a lot of empty seats.

    2. Anonymous15:00

      Good thing you concluded the route's overall performance on one flight by what your guy said. Experts.

    3. Anonymous16:03

      He didnt mention the overall performance of the route but the single flight itself.

    4. Anonymous16:08

      Most people here think that 90%+ load factor in both directions on every single flight during the year is the only indication that the route is successful. Of course, we must forget seasonality, especially on US flights, yields, cargo etc. I will just remind you that flights from Chicago to Belgrade were sold out from its launch date until August.

    5. Anonymous17:23

      Why are you saying all of this?! Nobody on this comment said that the route is not profitable or not full or idk, the guy just said that on one flight there were empty seats. That doesnt make the route unprofitable and does not mean that every flight is like that. You just want to argue with people and take every single word against you. Seems like you enjoy arguing for no reason and making od mravka, slon.

    6. Anonymous19:20

      I posted comment at 14:34 and now I regret it. It was just one observation. He is just a regular guy and I don't even know if that means flight was 85% full or 60% full. Relax. Official numbers will be released eventually.

    7. Anonymous08:19

      Honestly, I also spoke with a friend of mine and she told me that there were many empty seats on the flight fron Chicago to Belgrade and she arrived to BEG on Aug 9th...

      I wish this route all the best but something migjt be needed to change.

    8. Anonymous08:36

      I am sure you and your friend know the airline's financial performance on the route to conclude that something needs to change. Armchair experts who don't understand even the basics of aviation.

    9. Anonymous09:20

      Having a lower seat load in one direction doesn’t mean it is the same in the opposite direction. Plus the amount of cargo being taken to and from. Not to mention that the route is only in its infancy. So many experts here that like to give their 2 cents in a discussion that has no basis. If you’re so smart and a genius head on over to Jiri and give him your advice. I’m sure that his proven success and knowledge will benefit from what you have to offer.

    10. Anonymous08:36

      Listen, I do not intend to waist my time arguing with you. I will let you grow up and mature a bit and only after that we might have some kind of conversation, only than.

      My comment was with the best intention and I truly wish all the best to YU and BEG.
      And just for the end of this pointless but needed reply to your comment, let's skip part about my knowledge of aviation industry ;)


  6. Anonymous15:27

    I flew jfk to beg June 30th and flight was full according to crew announcement prior to boarding us; on the plane i didn't see empty seats in my cabin area. Flight back beg to jfk on july 8 was almost full (no crew announcemen, plan was delayed around 1 to 2 hr), maybe around 5 empty seats that i could see. They have some room to improve their product like in flight entertainment. I suggest bringing own entertainment as mine didn't work on way there (Wife's did work normal next to me) & didn't have sound coming back to jfk for both of us. Parents flew from ord on beg on the other plane from AS and their sound didn't work, so far 1 out of 6 in economy ife worked based on feedback from my family between the two a330 planes. Nonetheless, AS is a better value considering lower costs & total travel time compared to flying via a connection somewhere else. Will probably book again with AS in future

    1. Anonymous15:38

      What was the food like?

    2. Anonymous15:25

      typical airline food. nothing really special.

  7. Anonymous15:51

    Where and when has JU stated this?

    1. In the September issue of their "Elevate" magazine publication.

  8. Anonymous20:45

    Russians fly now with AirSerbia home, cause they don't have many options besides Turkish Airlines. And most Russians including me prefer AirSerbia. Thank you Brothers


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