State blocked from purchasing third jet for Air Montenegro

The Montenegrin government has been blocked from acquiring an Embraer E195 aircraft previously operated by the now-defunct Montenegro Airlines for the country’s national carrier Air Montenegro. Montenegro's watchdog for the Protection of Property and Legal Interests has blocked the government from acquiring the aircraft from the Brazilian Development Bank, which owns the plane. The watchdog said there was no legal basis for the aircraft's purchase. The Montenegrin government had negotiated to buy the thirteen-year-old jet, registered 4O-AOC, for 5.2 million US dollars and invest a further 8.2 million US dollars into heavy maintenance required to prepare the aircraft for its return to service. 4O-AOC has been grounded since late 2020 when Montenegro Airlines declared bankruptcy. The government had previously purchased two other Embraer jets formerly operated by Montenegro Airlines for Air Montenegro.


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    They should come to Croatia, here the state bought 15...


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