Turkish Airlines schedules wide-body capacity to Ljubljana


Turkish Airlines will deploy its Airbus A330 aircraft between Istanbul and Ljubljana in late October, to cater for the increased demand ahead of the start of the Autumn school holidays in Slovenia. The carrier will utilise its 305-seat A330-300 jet, featuring forty seats in business class and the remaining 265 in economy, on its evening Ljubljana operations on October 25 and October 26, as well as its morning and evening service on October 27. On October 28, the carrier will deploy the 279-seat A330-200 (24 business, 255 economy) on the route on both the morning and evening service.

Turkish Airlines A330 business class

Turkish Airlines A330 economy class


  1. Anonymous11:23

    Bravo Fraport!

    1. Anonymous11:27

      Bravo to Slovenes for working hard and managing to go on a vacations*

    2. Anonymous11:39

      Slovenes were hard working in the past too!

    3. Anonymous11:48

      @ 11:27

      +1 !!!!

    4. Anonymous12:08

      Thanks for having Turkish and Fly Dubai because Lufthansa Group is doing nothing, sticking with smallest aircraft possible and extremely high prices in that particular period. So, lots of us that prefer more city oriented holidays, like Madrid or Lisbon, that are perfect destination in this time will drive to Venice with our families. And the situation is not better of worse to the one where Adria was still around.

    5. Anonymous12:22

      Well us from Skopje also drive to Sofia for Lisbon and Spain...

    6. Anonymous12:41

      For LJU is not just Lisbon and Spain. For that period that means for the whole Europe.

    7. Anonymous17:30

      Zdravo to hardworking Slovenians from a much less hardworking myself from Montenegro..!

  2. Anonymous18:52

    Flydubai will also operate 2 daily flights on 27.10, 28.10 and 4&6.11

    1. Anonymous19:05

      This is the first time Flydubai operates double daily from LJU, glad to see that. :)

    2. Anonymous19:08

      That's not exactly true - similar schedule was operated last year was well!

  3. Anonymous19:26

    Wow bravo Slovenia 🇸🇮 👏

  4. Anonymous19:54

    Crying in Lufthansa Citylinish


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