Wizz diverts to Belgrade as passenger tries to open door


A Wizz Air flight between Tel Aviv and London Luton was forced to divert to Belgrade yesterday morning after an unruly passenger attacked the crew and attempted to open the aircraft door mid-air. The incident occurred while the Airbus A321neo aircraft was overflying Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina and landed in the Serbian capital just after 1.00 CEST. The nationality of the passenger has not been disclosed, however, the person was detained upon landing in Belgrade. "The company confirms that the flight from Tel Aviv to London had to land in Belgrade due to problems with one of the passengers", Wizz Air said. Passengers spent the night and most of the day in the Serbian capital with the aircraft continuing its journey to London yesterday evening, taking off at 19.15 CEST.


  1. Anonymous15:29

    Rare that this would happen on flight originating or arriving at TLV...


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