Zagreb Airport registers busiest month on record


Zagreb Airport handled 383.618 passengers in August, marking its busiest month on record. The figure represents an increase of 10.1% on last year, and 2% on the pre-pandemic 2019. The airport’s monthly recovery rate on 2019 has notably slowed since May. Similar results are expected in September based on available seat capacity, while the return to double digit percentile growth is likely in November. During the January - August period, Zagreb Airport welcomed 2.446.623 travellers through its doors, an increase of 7.5% and 23.8% on 2019 and 2022 respectively.

Zagreb’s largest airlines by seat capacity, August 2023


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Thanks to ryanair

    1. Anonymous11:59

      So what? If OU had offered flights, it would be "thanks to OU", or anyone else. Ryanair has offered the most, and it gives growth. Croatia airlines doesn't.

    2. Anonymous21:59

      And collapses Adria.

  2. Anonymous10:33

    This is a disaster. A new LCC has arrived and not just any LCC, but Ryanair. And that they only have a 2% increase.

    1. Anonymous10:59

      Remove the number of passengers Ryanair carried and you will get the loss on OU side.
      No matter some claim that focusing on Split is good strategy, I am convinced it was the wrong one because the seasonality in Split is so extreme that they cannot benefit from summer to cover no demand in the winter.
      Lao, diverse routes Ryanair offered from ZAG shows only how shortsighted wasis OU management offering only 13 routes.

    2. Anonymous11:28

      No, it is not a disaster. The entire long-haul market has collapsed during covid and the management of Zagreb Airport brought in Ryanair to replace the lost passenger flows. Which they did successfully: Zagreb is above its own record 2019 levels, it is above EU average and it is growing exactly the way the concessionaire wants - the management do not large growth because they do not want to expand the terminal. This result is 100% perfect for them.

    3. Anonymous11:47

      You cannot justify these catastrophic figures with that. OU did not renew 8 routes, and how many did FR add? At the same time, the average FR plane has a higher capacity than the OU plane. Add to that how low LF OU has, things are even clearer. Longhaul passengers have not stopped coming to Zagreb. They come through the famous FRA and MUC. Then via TK, Qatar, flydubai ...

    4. Anonymous12:14

      It is pathetic how some people use the identical word from so called analysts when they try to justify actually very bad result in Zagreb.

      How come that KE returned to all European destinations but not to ZAG? Lack of demand is the answer and not some terrible explanations which sound more comfortably.

      And KE is not the only one that has not returned - in this group belong AC, EK, LX, SN, TP and for next summer Zagreb is not in the reservation systems of Vueling, Finnair and Iberia while airBaltic introduced flights to almost all ex YU capitals forgetting only ZAG and small SJJ.

    5. Anonymous13:36

      Bravo anon 11:47 and 12:14

    6. Anonymous22:17

      Everyone forgets the important fact, which is the collapse of Adria. A huge number of Slovenians fly from Zagreb today, while in 2019 they flew from their airport LJU. That is why these results are even more devastating for Zagreb.

    7. Lol! Here we go. As predictable as ever. Same old nonsense, same old few nonsensical talking points. You might as well just copy/paste your comments under all Zagreb articles no matter what they're saying. If you aren't already doing it, that is. With how repetitive they are it's hard to tell.
      The record month in a record year, 7.5% above the pre-pandemic 2019. and considerably above the EU average recovery rate...being described as a "disaster"?? What a bizarro world the same couple of anons here must be living in. ZAG is clearly itching them soo hard but they seem soo unable to scratch that itch, haha! Thanks for the perpetual source of entertainment tho!

      Now for those who aren't our regular trolly jesters, nobody even remotely rational could've expected or had expected ZAG to have anywhere near a double digit growth over summer compared to 2019. simply because the coastal airports have direct flights.
      The other reason is a real disaster, not some fiction in the heads of a couple of very loud trolls...and it is called OU.
      Yet, despite this ZAG still did register growth compared to 2019. even over the summer months, while compared to the last year it's been registering a double digit growth throughout this entire year, including the summer.
      That isn't spectacular, but it's a far cry from a "disaster". It's a sign of a decent recovery, especially coupled with a series of increased frequencies over winter.
      I really do hope Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Tivat and other ex yu airports still struggling, some of them in Croatia such as Pula and Dubrovnik, catch up and surpass 2019. asap!
      Fingers crossed.

  3. How many flights a week has Transat in ordser to have almost 9000 seats a month?

    1. Anonymous11:15

      3 weekly. Their A330 has 332 seats.

  4. Anonymous11:30

    The management of Croatia Airlines is a disgrace. I cannot wait for the day Ryanair overtakes them in passenger numbers. Most likely next year in the summer months. They are doing absolutely nothing.

    1. Anonymous12:26

      How do you know that Ryanair didnt overtake them already?

    2. Anonymous15:40

      Ryanair will be ahead if not for 2023 then certainly for 2024. OU says "I'm fine" while fires are burning around them.

  5. Anonymous12:54

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  6. Anonymous13:12

    I thought JU would be in top 10 capacity wise in Zagreb, maybe in winter when they go 17 weekly they can squeeze in?

    On topic, I think the result overall is OK, some were predicting less than 1% growth, it turned out to be 2%

    1. Yeah, JU probably will be in the top 10 in winter, especially after Air Transat ends its seasonal flights.

      Regarding the result, agree. Of course, with OU hypothetically doing something at ZAG...anything really, instead of sitting on their behinds, the result would be better, but it is precisely as you described it - OK. Nothing more, but nothing less either.
      I for one expected 1% max based on the seat capacity if I remember it correctly.

  7. Anonymous14:24

    Anyone know PRN numbers for comparison?

    1. Visit Kosovo14:57

      PRN Aug 2023: 411,162 pax
      10.75% up on 2022
      2,778 FLOPs
      6.44% up on 2022


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