Air Arabia to restore Sarajevo flights


Air Arabia plans to resume operations between Sharjah and Sarajevo next year. The low cost carrier last maintained services between the two cities in September 2022. Flights will commence on June 10 and operate daily on a seasonal summer basis until September 8. Further flight details can be viewed here. Changes to the schedule at this early stage remain possible. Previously, Air Arabia also operated flights between Abu Dhabi and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, however, services were discontinued in August 2022.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    Welcome back :)

    1. Anonymous16:20

      It seems that SJJ has more flights in September this year compared to last year when Wizz Air had a base with two airplanes. I hope they know what they are doing. It's really nice to see that they are developing after Wizz left.

  2. Anonymous13:34

    I'm surprised they left in the first place.

  3. Anonymous13:43

    the champions of coming and going ...

  4. Anonymous14:29

    How about some route to Europe maybe? Just maybe

    1. Anonymous14:45


    2. Anonymous15:55

      Skoplje-Sarajevo with Aegean.

    3. Anonymous21:55

      Wizz Air London-Luton.
      Air Montenegro Podgorica.

  5. Anonymous16:57

    How about flights to Munich, Amsterdam,Paris, Brussels, Barcelona….

    1. Anonymous17:25

      No demand, simple as that. We don't need those flights.

    2. Anonymous17:41

      SJJ just needs more UAE flights

    3. Anonymous18:26

      small correction: needs more seasonal UAE flights

    4. Anonymous21:21


      Many companies have tried, it doesn't work.
      British Airways, SAS, FlyBosnia, B&H Airlines, Bosnian Wand Airlines, Wizz Air. Destinations like Paris, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Lisbon, Copenhagen simply do not work. The Wizz Air base was the last one with insanely low demand. In reality, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden are the only countries that can maintain stable results. I'm excluding Istanbul here because of the many transfers, but there is also p2p.

    5. Anonymous21:58

      Copenhagen might work, I wonder why Norwegian stopped it? Will they rebuild it next summer? But then I have Oslo, which is a good addition, Stockholm - there is a large diaspora there. Now people mainly use Croatia Airlines for Copenhagen.

    6. Anonymous22:02

      We have this ( for bosnians, Europe) not for tourists.
      LH Group - FRA, VIE,ZRH, CGN, STR.
      TK, PC - IST, SAW.
      JU - BEG
      OU - ZAG
      LO - WAW
      DY - OSL, ARN
      4O- TGD
      A3 - SKP
      W6 - LTN
      IMO it's good.

    7. Anonymous22:06

      That's right. Like the whole airport, there are a large number of legacy carriers with destinations to major European hubs, and that's where the biggest diaspora is - Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden. All thanks to Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines! They are a worthy replacement for the W6. They don't transmit. What is missing is indeed Copenhagen and a few additional German destinations, but I think Eurowings will take care.

    8. Anonymous22:08

      I would add easyJet to Berlin and Basel, Geneva.

    9. Anonymous22:12

      Now i check the website of Norwegian. They have bookable flights CPH-SJJ but with transfers. Not direct flights.


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