Air Serbia, IATA to host Belgrade aviation conference

Air Serbia, in cooperation with IATA, will host a one-day regional conference in Belgrade this October. The Aviation Day South East Europe will cover aviation development topics from the region, with an emphasis on air connectivity, infrastructure development, the challenges and priorities for sustainable aviation in South East Europe, as well as tourism development. The conference will take place on October 17, from 09.00 until 17.00 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. Representatives from governments, airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, air navigation systems providers, ground handling agencies, aircraft manufacturers, fuel suppliers and many others involved in the aviation sector will take part.

Those interested can attend the conference free of charge but must register their interest here by Friday, October 6 at 15.00 CEST. Capacity at the event is limited. The agenda for the event can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Nice one! Looking forward to it

  2. Anonymous13:21

    I might apply to attend it.

    1. Anonymous21:44

      Do it and let the rest of us how it was.

  3. Anonymous15:10

    About time! This is an excellent opportunity to fill in gaps in connectivity and improve overall productivity. If JU can figure out how to work with the local governments/municipalities with smaller airports in the region it can develop a mechanism similar in other EU states for small airlines to connect to larger ones in the region. This would be a huge boost for local economies, jobs and infrastructure.

    1. Anonymous16:21

      Talking about Agram?

    2. Anonymous18:29

      Talking about Taurunum…

  4. Anonymous08:37

    Dobra prilika da se prosire i povezu sekundarni aerodromi.
    Dograde i izgrade jos sest, sedam manjih u ovom regionu.
    Za dalji razvoj turizma i unapredjenje vazdusnog saobracaja Jugoistocne Evrope, povecanje broja aerodroma i saobracajne mreze je imperativ uspesnog ucesca u buducem razvoju.

  5. Anonymous19:54

    Congratulations to both afternoon moderators from Serbian aviation media.


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