Ljubljana Airport handles millionth passenger


Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport welcomed its millionth traveller of the year last Friday, marking the first time it has managed to reach the milestone since 2019. The traveller arrived on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul carrying 165 passengers. Commenting on the achievement, Janez Krašnja, the Head of Airline Management at airport operator Fraport Slovenija, said, “The milestone of the millionth passenger has been reached again after four years and this made today very special. We are satisfied with the recovery of traffic, and by the end of the year we now expect to handle even more than the initially announced 1.2 million passengers. From season to season the offer of flights is expanding -recently Luxembourg and Skopje were established, and we are looking forward to new flights to Riga that will be introduced by airBaltic in May 2024. We are thankful for the partnerships with carriers that make Ljubljana Airport's flight network attractive and increasingly diverse, and to be the choice of so many passengers”. Ufuk Ünal, the General Manager of Turkish Airlines in Ljubljana, added, “While we are also happy to be celebrating the 90th anniversary of Turkish Airlines this year, it is an honour to welcome Ljubljana Airport’s millionth passenger on board Turkish Airlines. To mark this occasion, we have prepared a special surprise for this lucky traveller - two tickets of choice to one of more than 300 destinations all over the world in Turkish Airlines’ unparalleled network. I would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Fraport Slovenija for their amazing and continuous collaboration. Turkish Airlines will continue growing at Ljubljana Airport. We will be offering fourteen flights per week from the end of October. This is also a milestone for us since it will be the first time since 2006 that Turkish Airlines will be offering so many frequencies from Ljubljana Airport in the winter timetable". 


  1. Anonymous10:42

    Bravo Fraport.

  2. notLufthansa10:45

    Čestitam, vi ste hiljaditi kupac! Lol

  3. Anonymous11:56

    nice, double daily in winter, next summer we might see on some days 3 flights?

    1. Anonymous12:03

      Can't wait for when they get A220/E295, we could see early morning departure as well as midday one

    2. Anonymous12:52

      It's gonna be 17p/w, but I don't know on which days will be 3 flights

  4. Anonymous11:58

    they had 145.413 pax in SEP.

  5. Anonymous12:15

    sponsored by TK :) I always find these 000 passengers amusing :)

  6. Vlad12:24

    The fact that they split it 100 0000 and not 1000 000 triggers me to no end 😁

  7. Anonymous12:36

    1 00 0000 😂


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