Ryanair upgrades Lanzarote - Zagreb service


Ryanair has upgraded its upcoming new service between Lanzarote, on the Canary Islands, and Zagreb from the initially planned seasonal winter flights to year-round operations. The budget carrier’s new base in Lanzarote will be linked to the Croatian capital throughout the year once per week. The service will be inaugurated this Saturday. Lanzarote becomes the third-longest route to be operated out of Zagreb this winter season, behind only Dubai and Doha, but ahead of Malaga and Paphos. The flights from Lanzarote to Zagreb are scheduled to run for four and a half hours, while the return service is timed to last four hours and 45 minutes.


  1. Anonymous13:48

    Beautiful island with AMAZIN planespotting and prices not very expensive. The capital is very Spanish while the western part is more touristic. It is full of UK tourists but nothing beats Tenerife. She is the queen of the Canary Islands...

    1. Anonymous14:38

      Proveo sam 7 dana na Tenerifima. Nikad više. Masovni turizam. Sjever je ljepši, al hladjniji (mikro klima), jug beton beton i veliki hoteli.
      Ima par detalja koji se mogu pogeldati, al koncept je za UK i njemačke goste.. popij, pojedi, rentaj auto i ides okolo tako.

    2. Anonymous17:02

      If you travel via agency, that's where you end up, in tourist resort. And whether you want to stay at one place or move around is up to you, but saying that Tenerife is no go, tells me you haven't seen the island at all.
      Also, the north isn't colder. Is the temperature is 1 degree down or if there are more clouds, it really doesn't mean anything, unless you go up in the mountains. Also, the north has 2 parts, Santa Cruz which is beautiful city with La Laguna making biggest urban area and Puerto de la Cruz with Orotava, Icod de Los vinos and Garachico which is offering many opportunities and sightseeing hot spots.

    3. Anonymous17:48

      Yes, I agree. The north is a bit colder but nothing so drastic. Also, Tenerife is unique because it has 2 airports, the northern one serves more domestic and inland Spain.
      As for Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is the most touristic place but everything is more expensive there. For a more local vibe, spend your evening in Arrecife with many locals and tasty tapas. Puerto del Carmen is full ok UK and German tourists. The island may be a bit boring for younger people as Lanzarote is quite peaceful especially at night. If you visit in winter, you will find lots of pensioners or a more elderly crowd. Flights from Germany and UK are usually quite cheap. Very different vibes compared to Greece. You can also hop to Fuerteventura, which is much more desertic but has nicer beaches but not as green as Tenerife and not as urban as Gran Canaria.

    4. Anonymous09:39

      South of Tenerife is very touristic and has big ugly resorts, but in the South there are many beautuful and authentic places. And the North of Tenerife is just gorgeous.

    5. Anonymous13:46

      You can't compare island with population of over milion and Lanzarote with a bit over 100k. Lanzarote has no massive tourism.

  2. Anonymous16:00

    Of course Slovenes buying like crazy. I’m working at travel agency

    1. Anonymous16:34

      Lie of the month

  3. Anonymous16:25

    FR use ZAG as a cheap base instead of expensive LJU for all the Slovene pax.

    1. Anonymous16:35

      Excellent, so everyone benefits! Zagreb gets flights and Slovenes get cheaper flights. Fantastic for everyone

  4. Anonymous18:34

    These Slovenians are funny!! If there is such a huge demand why Wizzair or Easyjet dont serve route to Canary Islands from Ljubljana?
    Much more Croatians, especially people from Zagreb use charters from Ljubljana than Slovenians Zagreb airport in total.

  5. Anonymous18:57

    omg who cares. its single market. please get over it and move on.

    1. Anonymous19:22

      Literally no one, but these coments that Slovenians overbooked all FR flights from Zagreb are totally nonsense and not true at all.
      They participate max. with 10% in total number.

    2. Exactly. And everything is so close too. Whenever I'm in Zagreb and buying business equipment or tech, the offers that pop up always include Slovenia and whenever it's cheaper I'll order it from Slovenia.
      Most of the companies headquartered in Zagreb have their warehouses outside of the city anyway because the rent prices are way cheaper there, so I could care less whether what I'm buying comes from Velika Gorica, just outside of Lučko, Sv. Nedelja or from Bregana, Krško or Novo Mesto.

  6. Anonymous00:02

    Lanzarote is spectacular, like nothing you will ever see, volcanic landscapes with fields if lava, truly amazing.
    The tourist resorts are just that, tourist resorts, geared up for mass tourism, that said, Puerto del Carmen is still a great base from which to see the island and only minutes from the airport.
    Playa Blanca in the south is more of a winter sunbathing destination, not a lot of character and Costa Teguise is plain ugly, even the landscape around that resort is ugly.
    Staying in Arrecife is great if you don't have a car, parking is a nightmare in the centre.

    1. Anonymous09:42

      That's why nothing beats Tenerife, great roads all around the island, a free highway, free parking everywhere, and so many beautiful places. Been there 3 times and still didn't get enough of it, even though Lanzarote will probably be my next Canarian visit.

  7. Anonymous22:49

    It's good to have one route to Canary Islands. All islands are very good connected with airplanes, Binter Canarias, so everyone can visit more than one island. I recommend that

  8. Anonymous09:34

    I went 7 times to Fuerteventura, twice to Tenerife and once to Gran Canaria.
    Lanzarote is in front of Fuerteventura, so you can easily swim and i am thinking for some time to do it.
    Tenerife North, my favorite Beach Benijo.
    Nature, nice landscape, that road is little bit curvy, up and down from Santa Cruz, but you practice rally driving.
    South, more people, hotels, Playa de la Americas with bars and stuff like that, you go 5 km per hour with Rent a Car.
    Someone likes it, someone not.
    Red Mountain and beach in front, there is a nudist beach, also regular one.
    Bottle of wine, snacks, relaxing.
    Dont forget Barraquito liquor, 1.5 euro in bar, just perfect.
    El Teide, went once.
    West Coast, not worthy, too much people, no Sun, blocked by mountains.
    Bananas, everywhere.
    East Coast, regular people, but really nasty places with bad roads and chance to discover nice beach or taverna.
    We can for months about Canary Islands, so i wont bother you no more.


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