TUI Airways discontinues one of two Ohrid routes


The UK-based TUI Airways does not plan to restore its seasonal summer flights between London Gatwick and Ohrid next year. The leisure carrier inaugurated the weekly service in late May, with flights running until September 20. The airline plans to restore its operations between Manchester and Ohrid, also launched this year, and will increase frequencies from one to two per week. TUI fly Netherlands, also part of the TUI Group, continues to maintain flights between Amsterdam and Ohrid. Earlier this year, Wizz Air also discontinued flights between London Luton and Ohrid, which was its first service to the Macedonian lakeside city. During the January - August period, Ohrid Airport handled 186.692 passengers, which is up 17% on last year, but a decline of 13.3% on the pre-pandemic 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:53

    It’s not the goal to have the same flights, the idea is to have more. Unfortunatelly, Ohrid will be strugling next year as the things stand right now. W6 has cancelled the most popular routes to BSL and MMX. There are no new routes in sight.

  2. Anonymous11:01

    Ohrid is struggling at this time to attract new airlines, it's pity that is not in the focus anymore in TAV and the government plans...whole focus is on Skopje.

  3. Anonymous11:32

    Ohrid deserves to have more routes and airlines especially in summer period , I dont know why TAV leave this aiport like this with no progress .. and the thing is that they plan to extend the terminal to 600k pax , but how they will menage that with no routes I really dont know.

  4. Anonymous12:40

    If u give more u will have more. Ohrid wants tourisam but gives nothing in return.

  5. Anonymous13:01

    I read on other articles that Ohrid has increased the prices in general and there is a large lack of staff on sight, which further complicates the issue. But losing LGW is surely not a good thing. This is the second busiest airport in the UK. And as someone above mentioned Wizzair are apparently discontinuing Malmo and Basel as well. So this leaves Ohrid with a quite harsh winter and people will most likely use TIA or SKP.

  6. Anonymous19:12

    I think you should work on starting flights to Istanbul. Onur Air was very good but unfortunately went bankrupt. Pegasus Airlines would be a great solution.

  7. Anonymous21:17

    Ohrid has become too expensive. 3 eur for an espresso or coke, 5 eur for a beer, service level is low as well.

    1. Anonymous09:35

      but 15-20€ for a room. go and find that elsewhere

    2. Anonymous10:33

      5€ for a beer? shameless fake news!

  8. Anonymous19:17

    Ochrid is fantastic. Beautiful lake, everything is still very cheap.


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