Air Montenegro to launch four new routes


Air Montenegro plans to add four new seasonal destinations to its network next summer with the carrier to commence scheduled flights from Podgorica to Munich and Ostrava, as well as from Tivat to Baku and Izmir. Services to Munich, Ostrava and Baku will operate between June and September 2024, while Izmir will be maintained from April until the end of the summer season, in late October.

Flights to Munich will run twice per week, on Thursdays and Sundays, while Ostrava will be maintained once per week, on Tuesdays.

Services from Tivat to Baku will run twice per week, on Mondays and Fridays, while Izmir will operate three times per week, each Monday, Friday and Sunday.

As previously reported, Air Montenegro will expand its fleet next year to accommodate the growth. Ticket sales, as well as the full flight details, will be available from next Monday, December 4.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    Ostrava seems odd, but I guess it's in line with tour operators? I still have no clue how they plan to utilize additional 2 dry leased E195

    1. Anonymous11:09

      All except Munich are in line with tour companies

    2. Anonymous21:43

      still no Vienna

  2. Anonymous11:33

    Good news and for Montenegro. Busy week for ex-yu !

  3. Anonymous11:42

    Air Montenegro,

    Please make it possible to make transfers on your flights through TGD!

    We miss it!

    1. Anonymous12:08

      From recent article here

      Air Montenegro is currently in the process of selecting a new passenger service system provider (reservation system), which, once implemented, should enable the airline to sell connecting flights and offer more options to its passengers.

  4. Anonymous12:43

    And all seasonal...

  5. Anonymous13:38

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  6. Anonymous17:52

    Obviously for travel agencies iin these countries.
    Who in CG would go to Baku and Ostrava..

    1. Anonymous17:57

      Tourists from Azerbaijan.


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