LOT to commence new Podgorica, Ohrid service


LOT Polish Airlines will launch two new seasonal routes from Warsaw Radom Airport, to Podgorica and Ohrid next summer. The new service to the Montenegrin capital will be inaugurated on June 23 and run once per week, each Sunday, until September 29, alongside daily rotations from Warsaw Chopin, with further details available here. A day later, on June 24, the Polish carrier will commence a one weekly service to Ohrid, operating each Monday, until September 23, with further flight information here. Tickets for both new routes are now available for purchase through the airline’s website.

Located 110 kilometres from central Warsaw, Warsaw Radom became Poland’s fifteenth operational airport this year. Although it has been in use since the 1920s, when it served as a military base, the airport was repurposed for and in 2015 welcomed its first commercial flights. However, due to poor demand, operations were discontinued shortly after. In 2018, Radom Airport declared bankruptcy and was acquired by Poland’s state-owned airport operator that decided to shut it down, demolish its terminal and build a new one. It re-marketed the airport as Warsaw Radom with the aim to alleviate congestion at Warsaw Chopin and serve as a back-up to the New Central Polish Airport, a proposed megaproject that plans to become the Polish capital’s main airport in 2027.


  1. Anonymous14:13

    What would the reason for 1 weekly rotation be?

    1. Anonymous14:19

      Probably to park passengers sent by Polish tour operators on those flights and leave space on the Chopin flights for connecting passengers

    2. Anonymous14:24

      polish tourists on a package holiday in MNE and MK, most of these seats are reserved by travel agencies

    3. Anonymous00:41

      Ohrid needs flights to istanbul to connect tjose people with jfk chicago and other american citys..more than 100k people from struga debar kicevo prespa ohrid korca pogradec live in usa..is so convenient for me at all of us to have that connection at least once a day instead taking Tirana Airport or skopje airport

  2. Anonymous14:39

    Nobody from Warsaw wants to fly from Radom. It was a political project by the (thank God) old government. Hopefully the new government will clean up LOT, PPL and re-evaluate the mess that is CPL - polish mega airport that was planned without any real analysis.

    They are trying to add leisure flights like this to Radom, plus entice tourist agencies to use it but tbh its not working very well, due to the fact that people from Warsaw dont want to drive 1.5h to Radom when they have an airport(Chopin) in the city. I guess for people from Radom the airport is great. BTW there is also a similar airport in Lodz, 1.5h away that is empty as well. Only 45-min away Modlin airport is kinda successful but its exclusively used by Ryanair

    1. Anonymous17:00

      People obsessed with politics are rarely a trustworthy source on aviation. Can somebody say what are the actual chances of these flights being full. Are they for tour agencies?

    2. Anonymous17:07

      17:00 it is just an airport for summer vacation flights. He means that the government of Poland planned this airport that doesn't mean that the government involves in potential new flights for this airport. That's up for the airlines. Podgorica and Ohrid flights will be mostly sold with travel packages.

    3. Anonymous17:08

      Travel agencies and free online booking for more peoples.

    4. Anonymous17:11

      Calm down people. I'm Polish and anonymous 14:39 is correct. The airport is a miss. His comment has nothing to do with these flights, just in general. Calm down.

    5. Anonymous17:30

      If his comments have nothing to do with the flights, then maybe he takes these comments to some political forum, where he may have an argument with people thinking like him or thinking the opposite.

      Flights are one weekly, so probably a bigger equipement with lower cost per seat will be used than on flights from WAW where frequency matters. Anybody knows?

    6. Anonymous17:33

      Just click on the link in the article and you will see what equipment they will use... For someone that is so passionate about who can post what comment, you would think you would have read the news.

    7. Anonymous20:22

      Calm down boys, my comment from 14:39 was just to give some more context around what is going on in Poland, what is Radom airport, and why the flights are from there, not Chopin. At least from the perspective of a Warsaw citizen. Unfortunately whole Radom airport is stained by politics, so I am suspicious of everything coming out of it. Especially when LOT makes flights from there hurting its home base. Would make more sense if its by Enter Air or some other charter company.

    8. Anonymous21:03

      So stop these paternalistic comments. If you want to engage in a discussion, learn how not to offend others (calling other people boys is a good example of something to avoid), give more facts less emotions and feelings, try to stay on topic, so one day your contribution may be of interest to others. Anyway I am off.

    9. Anonymous22:11

      Interesting enough for you to comment my dear. Drink some chamomile and dont get so triggered on the internet.

  3. The facts are:
    1. When the airport was inaugurated 3 destinations were planned by LOT: Copenhagen, Rome FCO and Paris CDG.
    2. Copenhagen was cancelled before the first flight.
    3. Rome FCO operated 4 pw. Now they are reduced to 3 pw.
    4. Recently LOT re-inaugurated Rome FCO from WAW 1-2 flights daily.
    5. Paris CDG operated 3 pw. The Last flight planned for early Jan2024.
    6. Seasional flights to Tirana, Preveza, Varna, Tirana were operated 1 pw in summer 2023.

  4. This makes no sense. Why wouldn't they fly out of WAW and give this route a chance? They are missing a huge connecting market.

  5. Anonymous14:32

    14:39 is unfortunately right. Another grandiose project spending taxpayers' money to rebuild an airport fulfilling some megalomaniac ambitions of the local apparatchiks. I love this forum, have been following it for years, yet I am always scratching my head reading about some nonsense "aviation" initiatives always adorned with bravo Srbija, bravo Hrvatska, bravo ?Poljska? (pardon my linguistic ignorance).
    Facts? This past September, sincerely yours flew PVK-RDO to connect to WAW-JFK. RDO? Brand new: nuovo di zecca. Wait time for luggage at RDO? 45 mins. Please kindly note, there were just two planes (including ours) landing within a 90 mins window. And then... there was a free bus shuttle paid by/courtesy of LO from RDO to WAW. In a 50-seats pullman there were 4 ppl including ...its driver. Even if economics is a social science, it is hard not to mention it. Cheers!


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