Skopje Airport upgrades baggage handling system


Skopje Airport is in the process of upgrading its baggage handling system, with work expected to be completed by the end of the month. The upgrade involves increasing capacity and replacing the current baggage security scanner with a more advanced tomographic x-ray device, as mandated by the European Civil Aviation Conference. The new machinery, weighing approximately five tons, involves the dismantling of existing equipment, including conveyor belts. Since there is no backup system, the current setup must be removed, necessitating the installation of secondary baggage conveyor belts and motors. “The technical department worked tirelessly to ensure uninterrupted operations during the upgrade, addressing the challenges associated with the complex process, which occurs only once every few years”, the General Manager of airport operator TAV Macedonia, Nejat Kurt, told the Macedonian public broadcaster MRT. He added, “There have been no difficulties so far. Everything is progressing quickly, and I think that we will be able to complete the work even before the end of November”.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    Bravo! Skopje Airport handled 32% more pax last month then in 2019, huge increase! That is around 260k pax, looking forward to finish the year with 2,8 million.

  2. Anonymous15:52

    Great job for SKP airport that is following European civil aviation reccomendations , this shows that the airport is growing up in every segment , from pax numbers to destinations and airlines. Also next year TAV said they will build 10 more check in counters and some other small jobs for upgrading the capacity space of the airport.

    1. Anonymous16:04

      Idk where they will place them, there is no space in that area for additional check in desks. Soon extenting the terminal building will be neccessary as pax numbers are growing and growing. They have planty of space at the old platform and old terminal building where they can build new terminal.

    2. Anonymous17:26

      There is hardly a need for additional check in counters....there is never a long wait there and at any time only less than half are in use at the same time. They should improve the WiFi which is not always working and not all over the airport building. But most of all they should PROVIDE clean drinking water for free ( a fountain for refills , like it exists in many airports) beyond security. Also they should see if they can do something about the most expensive King Burger on the planet.

    3. Anonymous18:44

      I dont know really where they will place the new check in counters but this information is from the airport officials few days on the news... They definitly need to connect the old terminal building with the new one so they will get pretty much good space.
      Also they should start working on solving the problem with the winter fog.

    4. Anonymous19:06

      There are already closed checkin counters on the right side of the terminal. Just behind the airlines offices.

    5. Anonymous22:13

      tab water is a must! One stupid makijato at the gates is 300 denari, and a water is 220, the cheapest coffee is in burger king, and i dont want to comment who works there…. The prices are anyway very high, probably the highest i have ever seen in my life, there is no another airoport with that prices. Thanks god that we have smoking area now at least.

    6. Anonymous00:57

      ever thought about quitting smoking?

    7. Anonymous09:42

      @22.13 take the bus

    8. Anonymous10:56

      I think airport prices are high everywhere in the world , in Amsterdam and Frankfurt one small funny sandwich is 10 euro !!


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