Air Serbia sees biggest pilot intake since JAT era


Air Serbia has welcomed 23 pilots today after they were promoted to the post and completed their mandatory training which began back in May. “Since the time of JAT, this is the highest number of captains trained in a single year in the history of our company. Nine new captains will be welcoming you on ATR72-600-operated flights, and as many as fourteen on our Airbus A320 aircraft. The commitment, knowledge and skills of our pilots point the way for us toward a future aimed at even greater heights and extraordinary travels”, the company said. In addition, Air Serbia will host an Open Day in Belgrade for A320, A330 and ATR72 EASA and ICAO licensed pilots this week. The Open Day will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade on 22 December at 10.00 CET. Further details are available here.


  1. Anonymous13:50

    Is a Serbian passport a requirement for hire?
    Can a non Serbian citizen but holder of an EU country passport to apply?
    Also do you have to be a Serbian speaker or English are enough?
    Many thanks for any info.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      Valid EASA FCL, Serbian CAD or validated license acceptable to Serbian CAD (including frozen license)
      Valid and current Type rating- Airbus A320/ A330 or ATR72
      Flying Experience on Airbus A320/ A330 or ATR72
      Class I medical
      ELP 4, ELP 5, ELP 6

      CV including passport sized photo
      Valid passport – copy
      Valid flying license – copy
      Medical certificate – copy
      Copy of Last two pages of the logbook showing total flight time per category

      I don't think you need to be a Serbian citizen or know Serbian to work as a pilot for them.

    2. Anonymous13:57

      They don't seem to clarify if the valid passport needs to be Serbian.

    3. Anonymous13:59

      as far as I've heard, only cabin crew must be Serbian

    4. Anonymous14:02

      I have read that you only must be eligible to live in Serbia should you get the job, so it means that foreigners can apply.

    5. Anonymous14:02

      @Anonymous 13:59
      Thank you very much! Good to know.

  2. Anonymous13:51

    How can they afford to pay so many pilots?!

    1. Anonymous13:56

      There are pilots retiring and other who move to a different airline.
      They are in great demand so some people if they get a good enough offer they don't mind moving to another country.

    2. Anonymous13:56

      They will have over half a billion euros in revenue this year, so from that.

    3. Anonymous15:20

      As a standard rule, for every aircraft an airline needs about 12 pilots.

    4. Anonymous15:46

      They have more than a million new passengers this year. More passengers pay for more tickets, more money from more sales funds, among other things, more pilots. How can anyone not understand this?

    5. Anonymous16:30

      Where is that guy today to say how they have no enough interest in pilot positions as everyone is leaving or already left? He is always making fake stories on here.

    6. Anonymous17:12

      If I had to guess, he would probably say that so many pilots left in the past couple of months causing Air Serbia to promote those pilots.

      In reality, training for this was ongoing since May, but his statements are based on imagination not reality.

    7. Anonymous18:30

      I am not that guy but he will be proven right if JU doesn't add more dry leases and grows. If they don't grow soon then it means these guys are replacing those who left JU.

    8. Anonymous18:45

      Air Serbia will grow soon, already talked about dry leases, additional ATR and 3rd A330s in the first quarter of 2024, then another A330.

  3. Anonymous20:52

    Any female pilot currently working for Air Serbia?

  4. Anonymous07:12

    These two with sunglasses 😎, very professional


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