PHOTOS: Air Montenegro touches down in Rome


Air Montenegro introduced its new two weekly service between Podgorica and Rome last Firday, marking the latest addition to the national carrier’s network. The service will be maintained on a year-round basis. The carrier’s CEO, Mark Anžur, said, “During this year, from January until November, 39,000 passengers flew between Podgorica and Rome. According to our plans for this winter season, Air Montenegro is expected to transport around 4.000 passengers to this destination, while it is anticipated that during the summer season, some 10.000 passengers will be transported".

Wizz Air maintained operations between the two capitals until late October of this year, after which flights were discontinued. Previously, Montenegro’s former national carrier, Montenegro Airlines, operated flights between the two cities until the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Furthermore, Alitalia also ran services between the two until the start of the global health emergency. Last year, a total 30.660 passengers travelled on the route. Figures peaked in 2018 when 46.298 travellers commuted between the two capitals.


  1. Anonymous10:45

    Bravo 4O!

  2. Anonymous13:27

    Great. Let's hope for more destinations like Milan or Bologna for example. I wonder which machines will take over next summer? One will 100% A320 on Trade Air?

    1. Anonymous13:31


    2. Anonymous13:31

      Ukrainian Embraer is waiting for them. It doesn't seem to be flying right now.

    3. Anonymous13:36

      4O may opt for the A220 similar to OU. The perfect aircraft for their network. If they want to expand in Central Asia like they persuaded Kazakhstan, they can expand in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan to further replace the Russians. MNE was too dependant on that traffic.

    4. Anonymous13:48

      They will actually dry lease 2 E-195s in the summer for the next 3 years, also wet lease of one CRJ900/E-190 is expected from 1.1.2024 to 1.4.2024, after that a wet lease of E190/195 was announced

    5. Anonymous13:50

      The absence of Russians.
      One of the reasons the 4O isn't that big.
      It's almost as big as YM though, they found new markets. Hopefully the situation will normalize soon
      and to have flights there again. There will be further development next summer.
      About A220 - I completely agree. They might lease an A220 from Cyprus instead of the Cypriots making a virtual airline...

    6. Anonymous13:50


    7. Anonymous14:31

      Core issue is why Montenegro wasn't able to completely replace RUS/UKR tourists with EU tourists? All I hear is typical excuses but never an honest effort to change that.

    8. Anonymous15:02

      You think it's a game where you can just replace them overnight?

    9. Anonymous17:37

      15:02 is right. MNE needs to invest into advertising and it takes time. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and even Romania. Romanians usually go to all neighbouring countries but MNE is not popular. Lots of potential there. However, the current replacement is more than visible. MNE is getting more and more EU+UK destinations and the trend must continue. Even if the Russians return, they began going to Thailand, Cuba, Egypt, etc - places where they can fly freely.

    10. Anonymous18:30

      Russians are also finding new destinations for recreation - Oman, Kuwait, Mauritius, a crazy search for Turkey and the UAE, at the moment many people are going to ski in Georgia or to Batumi for a drink. However, Montenegro will be the first place they will go after the war.

    11. Anonymous18:37

      Tailwind Airlines had flights from Moscow Vnukovo in the summer via Istanbul.

    12. Anonymous18:37 Podgorica

    13. Anonymous19:38

      Guys don't forget the new tourists - turks.


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