Saudi’s Flynas considering Dubrovnik service


Saudi Arabian low cost carrier Flynas is considering the potential introduction of flights to Dubrovnik next year. The carrier is eyeing services between Riyadh and Dubrovnik next summer season in response to market demand. Flynas is yet to schedule the flights. If the flights are introduced, Dubrovnik would become the first city in Croatia to be linked to Saudi Arabia. The airline currently serves Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia.


  1. Anonymous10:30

    Saudi Arabia will become a strong player in the next few years. Well done Dubrovnik!

    1. Anonymous14:39

      Do you think so? My friend went there a couple of months ago and she is an EU national and had to pay a whopping nearly 120€ for the Saudi visa and only eligible to a few countries:

      They want to be "more competitive" compared to UAE, but with prices like wonder why Wizzair dropped many of their routes out of Riyadh. Plus, it cannot be compared to Dubai at all.
      Jeddah, maybe yes. But Saudi is just a bit boring with less historical sites compared to Jordan and Egypt.

  2. Anonymous11:22

    Don't get your hopes excited they always schedule and then cancel flights.

  3. Anonymous16:17

    Well this is a great news, especially in long terms. Saudi Arabia has big plans regarding tourism and it planning to become hub for Australia and New Zeland.

  4. Anonymous21:00

    Everyone wants to visit beautiful Dalmatia!

    1. Anonymous09:47

      You were funny maybe the first few times, now you just sound like a moron.

    2. Inko22:37

      Dalmatia and Dubrovnik are beautiful, it's true. Croatia is awesome!

    3. Anonymous10:17

      Still, these comments are moronic and don't add anything to the discussion. Greetings from Dubrovnik by the way.


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