SunExpress schedules Sarajevo launch


SunExpress, which was recently selected as one of three carriers eligible to receive subsidies for the introduction of flights to Sarajevo, will commence operations from Antalya and Izmir to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, commencing on March 3 and April 21 respectively. Both will be maintained twice per week. The carrier will compete directly against AJet and Pegasus Airlines on the Antalya service, with the latter also introducing the route next summer. On the other hand, it will be the sole operator on the Izmir service. Further flight details for the Antalya flights can be viewed here, while further information for the Izmir operation can be found here. Tickets are now available for purchase through the carrier's website.


  1. Anonymous10:50

    Great news for Sarajevo. I wonder, why they didn't choose Ankara instead of Anatlya, regarding it is the most unserved route from Sarajevo?

    1. Anonymous10:52

      Intersting who is interested of this( for ESB)? Maybe turkish tourists?

    2. Anonymous11:11

      Nobody visits Ankara and there does not seem to be demand in general from Europe. All tourism and activity is in Western Turkey. Almost nobody flies east. Plus, Ankara is just an administrative capital. It is like Brasilia in Brazil where infact everyone goes to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. Here it makes sense to go to Antalya or Izmir, etc. Ankara seems not to have worked quite well in BEG neither. There is just huge demand for Antalya. It is one of the most if not the most touristic place in Turkey.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      "Ankara seems not to have worked quite well in BEG neither. "

      Ajet operates flights from Ankara year round and Air Serbia 9 months per year. I don't know how you concluded it does not work.

    4. Anonymous11:27

      "there's no demand"

      16k people travelled to Ankara via other airports in 2019 (source:

    5. Anonymous17:10

      Antalya tickets are bought off early by tour operators which only look for charters in May and that affects regular people who want to go there and people who own property in Antalya, hence the Pegasus and SunExpress flights this year. If they did GZP it'd be even better

  2. Anonymous20:27

    Antalya is on fire recently but it’s good to see some other city from Turkey getting connections as TK won’t be interested in that portion.


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