Thirteen EX-YU flights to mark New Year while airborne


Passengers on thirteen flights either departing or arriving at one of the former Yugoslav markets will reign in the New Year while airborne. Although many airlines used to reschedule or cancel flights that would coincide with New Year celebrations, the practice is becoming less common. However, several services in the region have been rescheduled or cancelled to avoid the clash. Flydubai will operate only one of its two daily flights to Belgrade in order to avoid a late evening departure, while Lufthansa will not be operating its evening service to the Serbian capital, which is scheduled to arrive just after midnight. A handful of flights will run throughout midnight. They include the following:

Departing from Belgrade Airport

· Wizz Air to Abu Dhabi
· Turkish Airlines to Istanbul
· Air Serbia to Moscow
· Air Serbia to Sochi

Arriving at Belgrade Airport

· Air Serbia from New York
· Wizz Air from Bergamo
· Wizz Air from Barcelona

Departing from Skopje Airport

· Turkish Airlines to Istanbul

Arriving at Skopje Airport

· Wizz Air from Budapest
· Wizz Air from Malmo
· Wizz Air from Hahn
· Austrian Airlines from Vienna

Departing from Podgorica Airport

· Turkish Airlines to Istanbul

All of Turkish Airlines’ abovementioned services are scheduled to arrive into Istanbul minutes after midnight, making it likely the flights will touch down before the final countdown to usher in 2024 begins. On the other hand, Air Serbia’s passengers bound for Larnaca are scheduled to take off five minutes past midnight, with travellers likely to be in their seats as the clock strikes midnight. Furthermore, the airline’s passengers bound for Istanbul, Athens, Sofia and Tirana, which depart within an hour after midnight, are set to bid farewell to 2023 at Belgrade Airport.


  1. Anonymous13:34

    That's cool :D Wonder if these airline will do anything special on these flights?

    1. Anonymous13:38

      Hopefully passengers get some complimentary champagne or juice. Or maybe something nice at the airport when they land

    2. Anonymous14:50

      On JU they will get a complimentary bottle of water and on W6
      a complimentary bottle of nothing

    3. Anonymous17:40

      Crews, if they are from ex YU will be extremely pissed off having to work during the New Year night. In most of it, it was ( and still is) much bigger than Christmas.

    4. Anonymous18:11

      Which Christmas though?

  2. Anonymous17:21

    Hopefully pissed off crews will get something.

  3. How come no Croatia Airlines? Hahahahahahahaha

    1. Anonymous20:11

      CEO is in Maldives 🇲🇻 Their management is in full relax.

    2. Anonymous20:12

      ...Well, they may be in Frankfurt for the new year, after all he feeds them but they also feed him.

    3. Anonymous23:15

      Complaining why they are not flying in New Year now? LOL, just can't get more pathetic

    4. Complaining they are tiny insignificant LH asskissing regional humiliated corrupt useless unprofitable disorganized politically influenced inert useless feeder, which as a consequence has minimum flights 365 days a year, New Year's eve included. The only pathetic here is you, defending such a shameful tragicomical public money swallower

    5. Anonymous00:16

      I'm not defending OU, however it is indeed pathetic that you throw a tantrum in every article even when it has absolutely nothing to do with OU. Are you 5?

    6. Airlines in ex-yu operating New Year flights. It has nothing to do with OU. My apologies, I forgot OU is an airline from Antarctica, not ex-yu. And no, you will not draw your attention to me from humiliated pathetic feeder you are "not defending"

    7. Anonymous12:55

      Is it a condition that an airline must be flying at New Year to be considered successful?

    8. You will not switch focus from pathetic servant and humiliated feeder full of crime, corruption and incompetence no matter how much you twist everything people say here 😃

    9. Anonymous19:13

      By the way, it seems that the charters they planned for the new year are gone... There is one from ZAG to OPO and one with Sundair.

    10. Of course OPO went to another airline. It's way too far for them. Maybe if it was OMO, yes, but like this, better no, all equipment should be kept on reserve for Minken and Vrankvurt

    11. Anonymous17:17

      Imagine if they don't fill LH seats on 1st Jan.....

  4. Anonymous19:37

    Ten years ago i worked at Munich airport and also on new years eve.
    It was more pay for less work on that day.
    Its was okay for me at that time.

  5. Anonymous21:08

    These flights are really not necessary

    1. Anonymous23:14

      Who are you to judge


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