Trending in December

The following are the ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout December according to accumulated statistics: 

The three most read trip reports in December:

The most popular vintage photo published in December

JAT's mid-air art auction, "Gallery over the Atlantic", 1987

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. Germany
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. United States
7. United Kingdom
8. Sweden
9. Macedonia
10. Switzerland
11. Canada
12. Austria
13. Australia
14. Denmark
15. Ireland


  1. Anonymous10:34

    Haha the Dublin-Nis slot news at no. 3 :D

  2. Anonymous12:00

    Very impressive that the Dublin Niš is somehow 3rd

    Either way, happy holidays everyone!

  3. Anonymous21:35

    Happy holidays! Hope my NYE wish of wizzair leaving BEG forever happens


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