Volotea launching four new Croatia routes


Spanish low cost carrier Volotea will launch four new seasonal routes to the Croatian coast next summer. The airline will introduce a one weekly service from Lille to Dubrovnik on April 24, two weekly flights from Naples to Split from May 31, two weekly rotations between Athens and Split from June 2, and a one weekly operation from Strasbourg to Croatia’s second largest city from June 26. During the height of the summer season, in August, Volotea will boast 77 weekly flights to Croatia, up from 48 weekly rotations in 2023. It will add an extra 4.848 seats per month on the market. Changes remain possible.

RouteLaunch date
Lille - Dubrovnik24.04.2024
Naples - Split31.05.2024
Athens - Split02.06.2024
Strasbourg - Split26.06.2024
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  1. Anonymous14:00

    Great news!

  2. Anonymous14:03

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous14:04

    Volotea has four countries where are strong.Italy,France,Greece and Spain but in Spain only has based in two airports . Oviedo and Bilbao, so this the reason to no introduce any route from Spain to Croatia

    1. Anonymous14:29

      In general Volotea is focused on flights of smaller duration than the 3 hours a Croatia to Spain route would take.

    2. Anonymous14:46

      I count Volotea as a Spanish, French and Spanish airline. Also their main base is in Venice.

    3. Anonymous17:05

      Volotea is much more Spanish and has got little to do with France. The logo, style and even name all resemble Vueling simply because on if its creators used to work for Vueling.
      They barely do bigger airports, which is not bad. Also, more than 40 aircraft is not bad as a number at all......very good news for SPU. Hrvatska will have a booming 2024!

    4. Anonymous17:25

      I count Volotea as a Spanish, French and "italian" airline. Also their main base is in Venice.

    5. Anonymous18:15

      Volotea is Spanish. Founded in Spain, with headquarters in Barcelona. The fact that they fly Mediterranean destinations doesn't make them Mediterranean airline.

    6. Anonymous08:17

      Last time i visited Barcelona was in Mediterranean sea, did that change?

  4. Anonymous14:58

    Anonynous 14.29 .Volotea flight from Athens to Bilbao more 3 hours

  5. Anonymous16:26

    With A320s as well, passenger numbers gonna look good with all the new routes to the Croatian coast

  6. Anonymous17:46

    A strange airline for sure.
    Do they also fly in winter?

    1. Anonymous18:03

      What do you think

    2. Anonymous18:42

      They barely fly in the winter anywhere at all.

    3. Anonymous19:57

      22 planes on flightradar in thr moment

  7. Anonymous01:00

    SPU-ATH must be very strong. We got 3 weekly Aegean from next summer, Croatia's 1 weekly and now Volotea! DBV-ATH is also going crazy with daily departures!! Good to see that!

    1. Anonymous08:38

      Greek tourists. Greeks love croatian coast.


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