Air France to boost Zagreb service


Air France will increase frequencies between Paris and Zagreb this coming summer season. The airline will introduce an additional two weekly frequencies for a total of nine weekly rotations between the two capitals starting March 31. As a result, the French carrier will operate two daily flights, on Thursdays and Sundays. It will utilise a range of aircraft on the route, including the Embraer E170, E190 and Airbus A319. Based on its existing schedule, Air France will maintain the nine weekly flights on the route until July, when services will reduce to daily until the end of August, after which they will increase back to nine weekly until the end of the summer season. Changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous09:38

    I wish they brought back the pre-covid schedule intention of having an overnight stop in Zagreb. The pre-7am departure they were due to introduce was fantastic for transferring in CDG. Croatia Airlines only leaves after 9 and that is too late for CDG.

    1. Anonymous09:48

      I think for the time being they are leaving those passengers to KLM.

  2. Anonymous09:42

    Insert "it's not much, but it's honest work" meme here

  3. Anonymous09:48

    ZAG is quite literally unstoppable in 2024!

  4. Anonymous09:57

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Anonymous17:40

    Very nice!

  6. Anonymous01:53

    We want AF back to BEG again too.. Their A220s are amazing, really a pleasure to fly on


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