Croatia Airlines renews Havas handling deal


Croatia Airlines has signed a new five-year handling agreement at Zagreb Airport with Turkey’s Havas. Following long negotiations, which began back in July 2023, the two sides agreed to extend their business cooperation. Havas will handle more than 10.000 yearly Croatia Airlines flights, with a full range of passenger and operational services, including passenger and baggage handling, ramp, aircraft, load control and communication, de-icing, flight operations, transportation, cargo and cargo and mail services. Havas provides ground handling services to more than 200 airlines at various airports in Turkey and abroad. It is Zagreb Airport’s primary handling agent.


  1. Anonymous11:00

    Bravo OU!

    1. Anonymous15:54

      they extended some contract. definitely something to be proud of...

    2. Anonymous17:26

      Extended it with a bunch of crooks....

    3. notLufthansa18:50

      and how about the contract with Croatia Records? Is Jasmin going to record some songs if not?

    4. New album of Sevdalinka by Jasmin under preparations. To be promoted at OMO with Havas sponsorship. Gazda Ivan special guest star, shirtless braca Mamic in delirium. Imamo Hrvatsku!!!

    5. Anonymous02:37

      pozdrav iz a burden and obstacle on this site

    6. pozdrav IZ burden and obstacle for criminals who are destroying OU and Croatia because they don't want the truth about their crimes, he speaks about, to be told and heard


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