Jat Tehnika shifts focus to Airbus operators


The Belgrade-based maintenance, repair and overhaul provider (MRO) Jat Tehnika is currently having a busy winter season by providing its services to several notable clients. This month, it is servicing Corendon Airlines and Transavia jets, along with several other customers. Jat Tehnika, which is a part of Avia Prime Group, is also shifting its focus towards Airbus A320-family operators. This is evident from the increased slot allocation and growing interest from A320-family providers for Jat Tehnika this winter. In addition, Jat Tehnika is continuing work on the conversion of wide-body Boeing passenger aircraft into cargo planes.


  1. Anonymous14:08

    I saw Air France plane recently undergoing maintenance at Jat Tehnika

  2. Anonymous14:17

    I’m wondering why Air France was there as Lufthansa

    1. Anonymous14:21

      They were doing maintenance

    2. Anonymous15:17

      It is good for Air France, but not for Air Serbia, and they flying planes to Naples. Quite interesting?

    3. Anonymous15:20

      ^ do you know the type of maintenance they are doing on a single Air France plane to make a conclusion? It is well documented last year that Air Serbia planes (including the one in the photo) were sitting at Jat Tehnika for 4 months instead of 1. Would you do business with them again after that?

    4. Anonymous15:31

      Nobody would.

    5. Still interesting for a lufthansa or air France plane to be at Jat tehnika. Since lufthansa has the best and most comprehensive tehnik of its own. Huge hanger just in sofia.
      You're right it's good for the business and serbia just bad for JU

    6. Anonymous15:45

      ^ again making conclusions with no facts whatsoever. The fact that both airlines had only 1 single plane on maintenance and no contract with Jat Tehnika shows that the maintenance was extradinary and likely because there were no available slots at their own maintenance centres. On top of that Air Serbia still does maintenance at Jat Tehnika as well

    7. Anonymous19:13

      Lufthansa had one of its A321 undergo a conversion from passenger to cargo.

    8. Anonymous22:41

      No they didn’t, jat tehnika is not convering a321 in cargo fore sure.
      It’s sad situation in jat, contractors are working on conversion of 767 and small amount of people that left there are working on some small schedule checks… man power is 20% of that that use to be 4-5 years ago… this is why airserbia moved away from jatt, you can’t count on them, one month check become 3 or 4 month check

  3. Anonymous23:57

    I see only foreign companies on the list.
    I hope Air Serbia is using them too.


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