Lumiwings granted approval for new Tuzla service


Lumiwings has received approval to introduce flights between its Tuzla base and Istanbul. The announcement of the airline's service to Turkey's largest city was made in early December, contingent on government approval due to it being a Greek carrier operating between two non-European Union member states. Tickets for the subsidised route are expected to be available for purchase soon.

Dževad Halilčević, the General Manager of Tuzla Airport, stated, "We still need to finalise certain details such as the number of weekly flights and fares. I anticipate there will be two weekly flights. The permit granted to Lumiwings to fly to Istanbul is of utmost importance". He added, "There has been significant interest in this route, and I expect it to be successful. Numerous companies and individual passengers are already expressing a desire to fly to Istanbul."

Lumiwings established a base in Tuzla with a single Boeing 737-700 aircraft in December, being the only carrier to respond to the local government's public call for airlines to commence operations in exchange for subsidies. Currently, Lumwiings operates flights from Tuzla to Saarbrucken in Germany, Halmstad and Stockholm Skavsta in Sweden, Esbjerg in Denmark, and Maastricht in the Netherlands.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    Great for Tuzla!
    How are the LFs on the established flights?

    1. Anonymous10:40

      Terrible judging by the airport stats.

    2. Anonymous10:40

      Last week to Saarbrücken between 10-15%.

    3. Anonymous10:51

      Oh wow, if true, that's shocking

    4. Anonymous10:54

      Wow, do we know how much is Tuzla paying them for this to be operational?

    5. Anonymous11:23

      Considering that a private airline won't maintain any money losing operation (especially if there's little to no hope for further development), the amount must be huge.

    6. Anonymous18:56

      Flew twice with them to Halmstad and back last week.

      30 pax to Halmstad, 50 on the way back.

  2. Anonymous10:42

    Za IST ne leti samo onaj ko nije pitao.

  3. Anonymous11:01

    Wish the best of luck to them

    Btw, what are their load factors so far?

  4. Anonymous12:05

    They Can Bégin Tuzla basel


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