SAS to launch third Tivat route


SAS Scandinavian Airlines will introduce seasonal flights between Oslo and Tivat this summer, becoming its third route to the Montenegrin coastal town, complementing Copenhagen and Stockholm. Operations will commence on June 27 and run once per week, each Thursday, until August 8, for a total of seven rotations. Further flight details can be found here. SAS will compete directly against Norwegian on the route.


  1. Anonymous13:33

    Missing out on Ljubljana again. CRJs would be perfect

  2. Anonymous14:10

    1 weekly will do what and 7 rotations will do what exactly?

    1. Anonymous14:43

      Wow, such hateful miserable people... I'm so sorry they won't start triple daily A350 flights.

    2. Anonymous15:08

      2 weekly would be just enough!

    3. Anonymous15:52

      Scandinavians are modest people. They do not require much beyond some sunshine. They will board the plane at the time when a vacation package is available and come back when the return is available. This will work well with most of the seats sold as a package with accommodation.

    4. Anonymous23:12

      Super modest, all they need is infinite cheap booze and they're good.

  3. Anonymous15:38

    Well, the route relies only on tourists. This is also handy for tour operators which can organise 7 or 14 day arrangements, I assume that there will be a lot of random solo travellers.


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