Air Serbia hiring crew, eyes regional recruitment


Air Serbia has launched a wide-scale recruitment drive for new cabin crew members for its base in Belgrade. The carrier will host assessment days in four cities, including Čačak on February 23, Novi Sad on February 27, Kragujevac on February 29, and Niš on March 1. The recruitment is open to Serbian citizens who are eighteen years of age or older. Air Serbia has noted it is considering launching crew recruitment events in neighbouring countries in the coming period “as there is considerable interest in working for the Serbian national airline even beyond the borders of Serbia”, the company said. New regional labour rules, that will come into force next month, will enable simplified procedures for the employment of foreigners from select countries in Serbia.

The Serbian carrier said that the latest crew recruitment is in response to “elaborate preparations for the upcoming summer season, during which further growth in business activities is expected”. At the end of last year, over 1.000 people applied for the airline’s crew recruitment event in Belgrade, with over 200 applicants selected. This time around, the company is in search of several dozen new crew members. “In the upcoming recruitment drives, in four cities across Serbia, we will try to find dozens of candidates, with or without experience in aviation, who want to start their careers in one of the fastest-growing airlines in Europe. We are confident that there will be great interest and that among the applicants, we will find those strongly motivated to fly with us to a great career and other heights", Milica Netković, Air Serbia’s General Manager for People and Performance, said.

Further requirements and details for the upcoming recruitment events can be found here.


  1. Anonymous14:01

    Recruitment drive would be more successful long-term if JU paid its flight crews competitive salaries. Instead its paying them less than almost all other European airlines.
    And as a result of this it has high turnover of flying personnel who leave the company for other airlines or for other industries altogether.

    Just my2cents

    1. Anonymous14:27

      Well, to be honest, the JU pay is in line with what other companies in the same field pay in Serbia. Bear in mind that apart from Air Pink and such the only commercial airline operating in Serbia (with Serbian employees) is Wizz. Salaries in Serbia are smaller compared to the EU. If I earn EUR 2000/net in Serbia that would probably mean I would be earning EUR 4500/net in Germany or CHF 8500/net in Switzerland. But that doesn't mean I'm underpaid in Serbia even though I'm earning less in Serbia than I would earn in another country.

    2. Anonymous16:10

      @14.27 Good example when the average nett salary is €767.

    3. Anonymous17:22

      What you are missing is that aviation is a field where people can easily switch from one airline to the other so you are not supposed to look at the salaries of the country itself but the industry standard. Unlike other fields, airlines don't charge less because they are based in Serbia - quite the opposite.

      And if you look at the industry standard - pilots and crew in Airserbia are grossly underpaid.

    4. Anonymous17:32

      But you don't know how much they earn...

    5. Anonymous17:52


    6. Anonymous18:20

      Why pay more if they can hire new ones for less? For starters because constantly hiring new staff creates unnecessary expenses for the company. You need to pull away current staff (instructors, examiners) from the line which costs company. Second because building your team with experienced and satisfied staff is the best one employer can ask for.

      But what do I know....

    7. Anonymous20:35

      It's not so complicated and expensive to educate cabin crew. For pilots and captains, I agree. They are very valuable

    8. Anonymous21:08

      Well, I'm not sure how easily cabin crew can change airlines. Sure, ME airlines will gladly hire them, but unless they have EU citizenship employment in EU airlines will be tough to obtain.

    9. Anonymous01:26

      They dont have to have EU citizenship, work permeet is enough.

    10. Anonymous09:39

      Anonymous 14:27
      What other companies in the aviation field we have in Serbia that can hire flight crews from JU? 😄

    11. Anonymous15:45

      People are not quitting JU to work for another airline, most are moving to the tourism industry. One important employee will also quit soon from what I heard.

  2. Anonymous14:29

    What are their salaries like?

    1. Anonymous07:34

      Not bad but below what private sector is offering in Belgrade so many make the switch.

  3. Anonymous19:55

    Wow again? Didn't they have a recruitment drive just a few months ago? Marek was bragging how there was so much interest. What happened what went wrong.

    1. Anonymous19:57

      Yes, they hired 200 people. Now they are going to hire more because of their planned expansion. Nothing went wrong, despite your hopes.

    2. Anonymous19:58

      @ 19.55 would be worth reading the article before launching into a rant.

    3. Anonymous20:36

      There is no major expansion for this year, what was announced was announced. They are hiring people because people left.

    4. Anonymous20:38

      As you will shortly see, you are wrong.

    5. Anonymous07:35

      No, I am not. JU doesn't have pilots for growth as many left. Government needs to think about JU and who runs the show.

    6. Anonymous09:55

      OMG, thede doom and gloom predictions.
      They expanded a lot, now it's time to stabilise and optimise. That's why they have growth in frequency instead of simple growth in routes. They changed their feet and they plan growing it even more. They made profit.
      So, no they are not going down, quite opposite.

    7. Anonymous13:38

      The fact that they are hiring crew all the time while growing 10% this year shows that there is something wrong inside the airline. Wake up.

    8. Anonymous13:39

      Growth is at 25% actually. If you paused your hatred for a minute and stuck to facts it would be great.


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