Jat Tehnika completes second B767 freighter conversion


Maintenance company Jat Tehnika has completed the passenger-to-cargo conversion of a second Boeing 767-300 aircraft. Jat Tehnika is the only MRO in Europe performing passenger-to-cargo conversion and completed work on its first unit just six months ago in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). “As the only MRO in Europe completing passenger-to-cargo conversion, we are proud to have reached this tremendous milestone through our collective efforts. Looking ahead, we are excited to take on our next project, which is the third conversion of the Boeing 767-300 right here in Jat Tehnika's hangar”, Milan Marčić, the B767 P2F Conversion Project Manager, said. Based in Belgrade, Jat Tehnika provides line and heavy maintenance, engine shop operations featuring four independent CFM 56-3 series maintenance lines, component maintenance, as well as engineering services, calibration services and nondestructive testing (NDT). The company has fourteen maintenance slots across two hangars and an engine test bench accommodating engines rated up to 75.000 pounds.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    How much does such conversion cost?

  2. Anonymous11:41

    For which airline will it fly in future? What is the registration?

  3. Anonymous17:58

    It looks like 777 engines.

  4. Anonymous19:24

    First B767 came from Canadian Air Rouge and became 9H-CAC, second B767 came from Russian Ikar Pegas Fly and became 9H-CAD


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