Lufthansa cancels flights amid fresh strike


Lufthansa has been forced to cancel most of its flights across the former Yugoslavia from this evening through the entire day tomorrow due to a strike of Lufthansa ground staff employees from 4.00 CET on Tuesday to 7.10 CET on Wednesday. Around 900 out of 1.000 scheduled Lufthansa flights have been cancelled, affecting around 100.000 passengers. Some Lufthansa flights this evening have also been impacted as their return is scheduled for tomorrow morning during the industrial action. Lufthansa had eleven flights scedulued for tomorrow to former Yugoslav marktes, including from Frankfurt to Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Skopje, and Zagreb, as well as from Munich to Belgrade, Ljubljana and Zagreb. 

The union representing ground staff has been involved in an ongoing dispute with the airline, calling for a 12.5% pay rise and a one-off group-wide inflation bonus for 25.000 Lufthansa employees. German airports were hit by a wave of strikes earlier this month when security staff walked out demanding higher pay. Over 1.000 flights were cancelled across eleven major airports on February 1, impacting over 200.000 passengers. In January, airport ground and security staff went on strike in Hamburg and Berlin.


  1. Anonymous13:39

    Every other week a Lufthansa strike. My flight from Nice to Belgrade via Frankfurt was cancelled today. Their alternative - Nice-Munich this evening, 9 hour transfer in Munich, then Munich-Warsaw with LOT and then Warsaw-Belgrade with LOT. Nuts. Of course, Wizz flight from Nice to Belgrade this evening is sold out. After spending 4 hours on the phone (as their contact Centre is overwhelmed - I was 62nd in line) I managed to get an alternative via Amsterdam with KLM tonight.

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Also their "chat" feature on their website is completely useless, at least in these circumstances. information that flight is cancelled was sent last night.

    2. Anonymous13:59

      This is why JU needs to return to Nice

    3. Anonymous16:38

      JU needs to return to Marseille.

    4. Anonymous18:34

      JU needed to send in the A330 to Frankfurt today, instead of the A319, and pick up all those passengers abandoned by LH and even pick up some transfers via BEG. It would have raked in a pile of money - all paid for by LH :)

    5. Anonymous19:23

      It's not possible. One A330 is headed to Tianjin, the other has gone fore regular maintenance to France.

  2. Anonymous13:53

    Probably the worst start of the year for airline industry after the Covid19 ...everyday just reading bad news.

  3. Anonymous13:58

    Bravo mama Lufti 🥰

    1. Anonymous15:06

      They have been the worst of the worst among the traditional carriers for a long time, I avoid them at all costs. The TATL Economy is cramped beyond belief, and I am not even that tall (6' or 180cm) -- I can't imagine how it is for taller people. Not to mention these ridiculous strikes all the time! Something is rotten in their management style, and I hope that other carriers profit from their decline

    2. Anonymous17:16

      I remember my flight being cancelled at the last minute over 7 years ago, due to strike. LJU-FRA-BLR. They had the same CEO since at least then! Makes sense to keep him, he’s obviously doing a good job. *facepalm*

  4. Anonymous17:05

    Situation in Germany is getting worse especially with constantly stronger right political wing.

    1. Anonymous17:16

      Why is that worse? Or are we no longer living in a democracy where you are free to choose who is representing you?

    2. Anonymous17:48

      I will explain you.

      Due to the fact that huge amount of money had been printed during pandemic Germany faced big inflation especially when we talk about basic needs.

      That inflation together with the lack of cheap Russian gas caused German economy to slow down significantly and even to face recession.

      Inflation caused purchasing power to decrease and Germans are not used to it. So they raise their voice against it. Now you have industrial actions more and more often where people demand more and more money because they noticed it works. We can see here that they demand 12.5% salary increase even if the inflation this year in Germany is only 7%.

      At the same time Germany is financially helping Ukraine and it also costs money. Goverment is facing huge hole in budget and they try to cover it by cancelleing subvensions to farmers. Have you seen their protest all over Germany in last 3-4 weeks? They blocked Frankfurt, Berlin and many other German cities.

      Do you think that all of it happens becuase the situation is getting better in Germany?

      No way amigo.

    3. Anonymous19:09

      Lol have you seen the anti-right protest in the last 3-4 weeks??puts the seljake with traktors protests at shame who are racistly motivated

      Since this is an aviation blog, germans are spending more on travel despite your explanatory

    4. Anonymous20:00

      Farmers are money motivated and have nothing to do with racism.

      In the east each third and on the west each fifth voter in Germany supports AfD.

      Great success...not!

    5. Anonymous23:03

      @ 17:48

      I asked you to explain apples. You explained oranges.

    6. Anonymous06:25

      It is still less than in most other Westeuropean countries from Sweden to Italy.


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