SunExpress shelves Podgorica launch

Turkish carrier SunExpress has cancelled the planned launch of its Izmir – Podgorica service. The two weekly flights, which were to commence on June 4, have been removed from the Global Distribution System, with ticket sales discontinued after four months. Turkish low cost carrier Pegasus Airlines commenced its own flights between Izmir and Podgorica last Thursday.


  1. Anonymous10:54


    1. Logičar11:04

      Because they have sold out all the tickets and have no more free planes to increase the number of flights. 😉

    2. Anonymous21:36

      Turkish economy has seen better days too!

  2. Anonymous11:07

    Air Montenegro said a few weeks ago that Turkey-Montenegro market is getting saturated. Seems like they were right.

  3. Anonymous12:23

    Problem with permit and slots


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