Aegean Airlines to run Pristina charters


Aegean Airlines will operate regular charters between Heraklion and Pristina this summer season. The flights will run once per week, on Saturdays, starting June 1 until September 21. Tickets will only be available through holiday packages purchased with local travel agents. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:45

    Nice. Athens would have been more appreciated for sure.

    1. Anonymous11:41

      It's charter flights aimed at holidaymakers who go to Crete.
      How flying to ATH makes sense?

    2. Anonymous11:55

      I am aware. I said I would have liked it better if Aegean launched flights to Athens instead.

    3. Anonymous11:56

      people are obsessed with what they dont have

    4. Anonymous13:31

      Far from obssesed. Rather unimpressed by the route to Heraklion!
      If I'm craving a Greek getaway, I take my car in Prishtina, and in a matter of 3-4 hrs I can find myself a nice spot between the pine trees overlooking Athos. Hence, taking a 2 hr flight to Heraklion would be somewhat underwhelming for my taste.

    5. Anonymous14:20

      With Athens, they would have gotten some transit passengers headed to Saudi Arabia too

    6. Anonymous14:43

      Why not flynas? Direct is better.😁

    7. Anonymous14:53

      well thats your personal problem that you are unimpressed

    8. Anonymous17:01

      @14:20 @14:43

      You guys seem to be trolling, but thats alright.

      FYI: Flynas would be very welcome at Prishtina Airport. So would EL-AL or Israir, as both Saudi Arabia and Israel lifted Visas in January 2024 for all Kosovo Passport holders.

      Exciting times ahead for Prishtina Airport!

    9. Anonymous18:07

      Ahead? The visa-waivers have kicked in three months ago and no substantive routes have been announced.

    10. Anonymous18:34

      I was talking about the recent visa-free travel between Kosovo and Israel, UAE etc. not the EU Visa liberalisation.
      I have also expected more routes this year, but maybe it's still early to judge. PRN prefers not giving any money to LCC's, so I suppose we have to be satisfied with the current current 20+% growth.

      Besides, Kosova has less than 2 mln people. What routes were you expecting?
      Some regional leisure routes and a possible direct to flight to JFK is all what PRN needs to properly fulfill the local demand.

  2. Anonymous11:12

    Bravo PRN

  3. Anonymous19:12

    BH Air has also launched charter flights to Bulgaria. Looks like PRN is finally getting more sunny destinations in autumn Turkey. Let's hope for Dubai one day.

    1. Anonymous19:13

      Summer *

    2. Anonymous20:25

      Probably some combination with Skopje?

    3. Anonymous20:28

      Without Turkey, that's what I meant, I messed up the comment totally.... "Probably via SKP" Possible, yes! In general we all drive to Albania, en masse, it's good to see the interest in Greece in recent years.

    4. Anonymous20:29

      Because I read here that they will fly to Skopje again, and that's why I thought that these charter flights might be through Skopje.

    5. Anonymous20:31

      What is the tour operator?

    6. Anonymous20:32


  4. Anonymous21:16

    Hopefully next year they schedule ATH-PRN regular service!

  5. Anonymous09:35

    Not surprised


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