Air Serbia’s tenth ATR72 readies for delivery


The tenth ATR72-600 aircraft bound for Air Serbia is being prepared for delivery at Monchengladbach Airport in Germany and will complement another two turboprops which have already been painted in the carrier’s livery and are also due for delivery. The tenth ATR72 is eight years old but has been stored since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It was previously operated by Brazil’s Azul Airlines and Portugal’s TAP Express.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    Seems crazy to me that additional 3 ATRs will join AirSerbia but with seemingly no new destinations or increase in frequencies on the regional routes

    1. Anonymous13:55

      But they increase Zagreb, Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Sofia, Bucharest, Thessaloniki, Venice... All regional routes I believe.

    2. Anonymous14:02

      Compared to last summer: yes - compared to the winter schedule: no

    3. Anonymous14:16

      Pa nabave se avioni pa se planiraju rute i frekvencije, više su nego potrebni. Ostaje da se vidi hoće li ih još nabavljati ili će ići samo na Embraer i Airbus.

    4. Anonymous15:42

      Verovatno će neke regionalne rute na kojima je ranije planiran Embraer morati privremeno da rade ATR-om.

    5. Anonymous22:15

      Air Serbia downgraded Banja Luka instead upgrade to 2 daily. I hope it will change soon

  2. Anonymous14:56

    With 10 ATRs they can properly plan for the expansion for the upcoming winter and next summer. This part of the fleet is set, they need 5-6 e195s and 5-6 a320s to replace wet leases and expand fleet...

    That would be something like this:

    - 10 ATR
    - 6 e195
    - 10 a319
    - 8 a320
    - 4 a330

    38 planes in total would be realistic for next summer

    1. Anonymous16:34

      What do you mean with next summer?
      Summer 2025?
      Because this summer has already begun (2024)..

  3. Anonymous16:15

    How about A321s?

    1. Anonymous20:49

      Too big during winter for almost all destinations.

    2. Anonymous21:19

      Well they can take two and use them to Moscow, Barcelona, Larnaca and charters to Antalya at least.

    3. Anonymous21:29

      Absolutely. I would add Zurich and Paris also

  4. Anonymous17:52

    Can someone pronounce the name of that airport?

    1. Anonymous18:44


    2. Anonymous19:04

      There are no voice messages to pronounce it for you.

    3. Anonymous20:08

      I do not understand question? You either google it to see the "real" name (Mönchengladbach) or you take this wording from the article (Monchengladbach) and pronounce it. So it is "MoEnhengladbah"

    4. Vlad20:10

      @anon 18:44

      Actually the correct transcription would be Menhengladbah. (E since Slavic languages don't have the German Ö).

    5. Anonymous21:18

      Menhengladbach sounds ridiculous in German .
      Like Männchen Gladbach :P
      Menhen/Männchen = little,small guy

    6. Anonymous09:20

      Well, we always used to call it Менхенгладбах, and have been doing that for a while, due to its football team, so it is going to stay that way.

    7. Anonymous09:50

      Minken unt Vrankvurt, we always call it like that!
      Danke Dojce Lant...

    8. Anonymous09:57

      No, we don`t call them Vrankvurt or Minken, exept in "Đekna još nije umrla, a ka` će ne znamo" TV series for the latter. But German "OE" we do transcribe as "e", and that would be it.

  5. Anonymous20:11

    JU is apparently doing somehow great job. "Final" fleet will be something like 10 ATRs, 10-is Embraers, 10 A319, 10-ish A320/321 and 4-8 A330s. Amazing. Just amazing
    One question - how BEG plans and WHERE it plans to handle 4 A330s? At the same time? Plus if other carriers send widebodies...where they can be handled at the same time?

    1. Anonymous20:28

      BEG has space for 6 wide-bodies connected to jet-bridges, as well as seventh one at B platform.

    2. Anonymous20:53

      Why would they need to handle all 4 of them at the same time???

    3. Anonymous21:15

      Away with the A319s !
      JU has to replace them with A320s for higher loads and with Embraerjets for lower loads.

    4. Anonymous21:24

      @20:53 Cause once they have more long-haul flights they would depart at certain times so that passengers from other flights can connect with those? Its what all airlines do, check Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Turkish, Swiss…

      @20:28 Then where will other narrow-body jets be parked at since these 6 gates will be dedicated for the wide-bodies at that time of the day? If the gate is not used for wide body jet then two narrow body jets use the parking space.

    5. Anonymous22:11

      Air Serbia's long-haul flights have three departure banks:
      1) 7:25 - 7:50
      2) 13:25 - 14:45
      3) 17:20 - ???

      Many years will pass until JU has 4 widebodies departing in the same bank.

  6. Great news. Hope they will get more to have high frequency regional connection and consider using them for launch of routes from INI

  7. Anonymous12:50

    Note that in the aviation world Atr is called a money maker.

    1. Anonymous13:03

      Yeah, and Embraer's E2 family is known as "Profit Hunter" :)

    2. Anonymous14:00

      Yeah but the E2 is marketed as that by Embraer it's not what it's known as in the industry cause very few airlines fly it


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