Airlines and airports to take part in SEAS 2024


Key industry stakeholders will take part in the Southeast Europe Aviation Summit (SEAS) in Belgrade on April 22 and 23 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Considered the biggest regional aviation industry event, the first day will be heavily focused on commercial aviation with participants to include the CEO of Air Serbia, Jiri Marek, CEO of TAROM, Costin Iordache, Belgrade Airport General Manager Francois Berisot, Wizz Air Chief Commercial Officer Silvia Mosquera, and many more. The event will also see the Ambassador of the United States to Serbia, Christopher Hill, deliver a speech on air connectivity between the two countries, which will be followed by a major industry announcement. Over 1.400 delegates, CEOs, managers, experts, and industry insiders are expected to attend the two-day summit. The full agenda for the upcoming event can be found here. EX-YU Aviation News will report on all the latest developments from the South East Europe Aviation Summit hosted by the Tango Six Group.


  1. Anonymous10:56

    Hmm US ambassador gives expose and then big announcement after that. Me thinks Miami flights are being announced.

    1. Anonymous12:32

      Very likely.

    2. Anonymous12:36

      Exactly, can’t wait for the official announcement

    3. Anonymous12:59

      Sure it is Miami, nobody expects Hill to announce the introduction of Boing aircrafts to Air Serbia fleet :)

    4. Anonymous13:32


      I sure hope he doesn't announce anything with Boeing at the moment.

    5. Anonymous13:35

      You guys should really read more carefully. It doesn't say the ambassador will announce anything. It says what the ambassador will talk about.

    6. Anonymous15:40

      We want Canadian ambassador to speak 😉

    7. Anonymous17:22

      What about the Nigerian one? :D

    8. Anonymous17:52

      Nigerian prince, special announcement just for Lagos fans on ex-YU ;)


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