Belgrade Airport sees strongest Q1 on record

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport registered its busiest March figures by handling 558.277 passengers, representing an increase of 18.4% on the same month last year. Commercial aircraft movements were up 9.9%. During the first quarter of the year, the airport welcomed 1.609.399 travellers through its doors, an improvement of 22.5% on the same three-month period in 2023. The airport handled an additional  295.950 passengers.

Belgrade’s largest airlines by scheduled seat capacity, March 2024


  1. Anonymous18:15

    In your article from 01/2024 you wrote that was offered approx 3,1 m seats in Q1 for Serbia, mostly to Belgrade... Judging by that, what is about LF in Belgrade airport???

    1. Anonymous18:21

      JU decreased capacity in Q1 because of termination of Marathon contract in February. So the capacity for q1 that was in January was irrelevant.

    2. Anonymous18:58

      Can we have data-driven conversation?
      When you say decreased, decreased by how much compared to this information from Jan-24?

    3. Nemjee19:17

      From the top of my head JU went from +35% to just +4% after they terminated the Marathon contract. The had to considerably reduce their operations to cope with the new reality.

    4. Anonymous20:21

      We can't have a data-driven conversation as neither JU nor the airport are public companies and we do not have access to all the data they have.

    5. Anonymous20:33

      BEG is a public company

    6. Anonymous23:20

      Vinci is a private company.

    7. Anonymous05:29

      Vinci, in fact, is not a private company:

    8. Anonymous08:54

      It is irrelevant if they are a public company or not as neither are obliged to post such data on a monthly basis and why would they?

    9. Anonymous09:53

      Folks, "public company" in English means - akcionarsko društvo.

    10. Anonymous13:25

      I checked that link, where does it say it is not a private company? Is it government owned?

    11. Anonymous04:43

      Not sure if you are perhaps not familiar with the meaning of term "public company" in English? Public means that a company is publicly traded on a stock market (the link above shows Vinci's stock ticker). Public == anyone can buy it. While each country has its own regulations, it is pretty universal across the board for publicly traded companies to be required by law to post data related to its business perfomance at regular intervals (usually quarterly). This is how investors can make decisions about buying/selling company's stock. So, consequently, the earlier statement about public company not being obligated to post such data is incorrect - the law requires them to post precisely that. In most countries, buying/selling based off information which is not publicly available is considered insider trading and is illegal. Hope this clarifies it.

  2. Anonymous18:23

    It seems that LF is constantly improving as well, what was the capacity growth in March?

  3. Nemjee19:16

    Very good result overall especially when you take into consideration that both JU and W6 are struggling with capacity. I already wrote that demand will be strong given the good economic environment in Serbia. Add to that Sava Centar being activated and voila.

    Air Serbia's marketshare fell to roughly 48% in March. Bad for them, good for consumers.

    Hopefully April is as good and that the E90 that started flying today helps a little bit in achieving that goal.

    1. Anonymous21:45

      So NEMJEE Air Serbia LF from BEG is about 73% ? Well if it is , I think it's good result for Q1 .

    2. Nemjee22:13

      Could be though I wouldn't be surprised if it was higher than 73%.

  4. Nemjee19:24

    Interesting March and Q1 numbers:

    SOF: 567 267
    BEG: 558.183


    TIA: 1.910.616
    BEG: 1.609.305
    SOF: 1 579 346

    Seems like the race between BEG and SOF will be quite tight this year. My guess is that it helps them that Ryanair isn't struggling as much as Wizz Air is.

    1. Anonymous19:50

      SOF always has great start of the year but BEG wins thanks to the much hated seasonality and summer peaks. TIA, on the other hand, is some new reality...

    2. Anonymous20:23

      TIA will be booming as long as the coast remains cheap and W6 and FR continue battling it out.

    3. Anonymous20:25

      What Q1 numbers SKG had?

    4. Anonymous20:30

      @20:23 Coast being cheap does not make a difference in Jan-Feb-Mar

    5. Nemjee20:41

      Anon 20.30

      Why not the coast? You have many who visit Cyprus in winter so as to escape the cold and gloomy weather back home. Given the ongoing W6-FR war, Albania is extremely accessible with unreasonably cheap fares. Furthermore, Albania is doing its best to promote itself as a year-round destination around Europe.

      It remains to be seen to what extent they succeed in this. Right now they are riding the wave which can't and won't last forever. Tourist arrivals in January 2024 rose by 18% to 540,415. Given the horrible road infrastructure I suppose most of them arrived by air.

      If I had to bet on who will triumph in the end, I'd put my money on Ryanair.

    6. Anonymous21:42

      Exactly, Albania will have its place in Ryanair's destination map - tourists who can't afford Spain/Portugal/Greece/Cyprus will be heading there for holidays.

    7. Nemjee22:15

      Indeed, Albania promotes itself as an attractive yet affordable destination. However most if not all those who go there used to holiday somewhere else (Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunis...). I expect all these markets to eventually fight for these people to return. There is no unlimited number of tourists in Europe.

    8. Slav.Man22:23

      Always possible that ryanair could take a bad turn since they are nearly an all Boeing fleet. so if Boeing gets into further trouble so will they. Their delivery of new orders is already delayed.

    9. Anonymous23:00

      Da li je neko od vas proveo zimu u Tirani?!? Kakvo lepo vreme, kupanje, sta je ljudi vama? Nema turizma tokom zime ama bas ni malo. Dozovite se razumu.

    10. Anonymous02:11

      Literally all flights to and from TIA are packed with diaspora. Just check the statistics of how many Albanians live in Italy and Germany and it will make sense. What tourists are you talking about when there are 10 daily flights to Milan for the diaspora? Why are we even talking about TIA on a post for BEG pax results for Q1?

    11. Nemjee06:45

      Anon 23.00
      Чему такав примитиван коментар? Можда је боље да не учествујете у дискусији уколико ћете остављати ту врсту коментара.
      Ко је споменуо купање зими? Буквално нико није изнео такав аргумент овде. Да ли мислите да туристи који долазе на Кипар зими то чине да би се купали? Наравно да не. Албанија се рекламира као целогодишња дестинација те промовише друге активности као што је планинарење итд.

      Anon 02.11
      You have statistics over here, I wrote how many foreign tourists are visiting Albania. They are doing it primarily because it is cheap and undiscovered. Albania might have a huge diaspora but it is not enough to grow numbers to this extent. Furthermore Tirana has year-round flights to non-gasto destinations which only goes to show that tourists do go there.
      Tirana is mentioned for the same reason we mention Sofia or Thessaloniki. It is a regional airport which recently started growing rapidly overtaking even Belgrade. It remains to be seen how long this lasts.

    12. Anonymous08:07

      Nemjee19:24 SOF: 567 267 That is for march 2023, not 24

    13. Nemjee08:26

      My bad, thank you for the correction. I guess they still haven't published their 2024 numbers.

  5. Anonymous20:21

    Nobody was planning 10 million this year, where did that number come from?

  6. Nemjee20:34

    Sinisa Mali said it though his statement should be taken with a grain of salt since he is a politician. Given how good Q1 numbers are, I am certain we would have hit 10 million this year if there weren't any Wizz and JU cuts.

  7. Anonymous04:14

    These numbers are crazy. Belgrade will soon (5 years) have more passengers than all of Croatia combined. Growth like this will continue to fuel more investment into the airport and help cement Belgrade as the gateway to the region.

    Big opportunity missed by Croatia, Croatia airlines and Zagreb as they had years to try to do this themselves when Belgrade through Jat was struggling.

  8. Anonymous08:14

    Results are less then expected. Lack of few E190 do not change the numbers much. I see LZ-PLO did only 2 rotations short daily.

    1. Anonymous08:17

      Less than expected? It was exactly what was expected. Read article about planned capacity growth for March. Had you read the news from Monday you would have known how many rotations LP-PLO would do on Tuesday (it was written with destinations).

    2. Nemjee08:28

      18% passenger growth with a 9.9% growth in the number of flights is less than expected? It means that many airlines recorded better load factors on flights while many were forced to send larger planes to Belgrade.


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