Braathens to run Split charters from Scandinavia


Swedish regional carrier Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) will run a series of regular charter flights to Split this summer on behalf of Nordic tour operators. The airline will maintain operations from Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Luela, Malmo and Norrkoping to Croatia’s second largest city. All services will run once per week, between one and four months, depending on the route, starting late May.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    Is true that last year they had more ? Is this true?

    1. Anonymous17:30

      Yes, it's less than last year

    2. Anonymous17:41

      That doesn't surprise me.

      BRA used to be a regional ATR operator, flying scheduled domestic flights. For reasons I can't understand (I don't see the synergies), they recently took in Airbus aircraft to fly charter as well. It seems they priced themselves too low (presumably since they had no experience from this kind of business), won lots of contracts...but made such big losses that they were soon forced into bankruptcy/restructuring.

      If it is as you say that they are going to fly less this year, I'm guessing they had to raise the prices in order to survive, but consequently don't get as much tour operator business at the higher price.

    3. Anonymous17:48

      I say they will have fewer flights in Sprit. But in general they will have more flights this year, they got a few new Airbuses.

    4. Anonymous17:50

      Nice livery but I agree with you. They even had ambitions to take a few A220s but later backed out due to covid. After the pandemic they switched to a charter airline, I think their ATR flights are quite a bit less than before.

  2. Anonymous14:45

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous20:50

      Well done, but we also see other news on such occasions praised by airports. Many people confuse the thesis that the airports or the state launch routes. This is entirely the business of the airlines or tour operators, not the airports as they say. Launching lines is not child's play, you need a market, infrastructure, market demand and economic benefit. Wrong thesis. Another material that has been hammered into people's heads by the media is how people from the upper echelons of power go to different places and launch routes without taking into account economic factors. This is today's understanding of a market economy in the Balkans.

    2. Anonymous20:58

      Kigali - Ljubljana or Kampala - Belgrade, this is pure madness, people in high positions without an iota of knowledge even in their duties, and you expect them to talk about economic logic. More important is his new property in Dubai and money laundering if he does business, but as he said - once he is in power, he steals from the people.

  3. Anonymous08:22

    Additionally, they also operate on some ZAG-VIE and BEG-VIE flights :)


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