Mostar Airport targets 40.000 passengers


Mostar Airport anticipates handling 40.000 passengers this year, which would be double the number of travellers it welcomed in 2023 and close to its 2017 levels. The airport is expected to see the launch of five new scheduled routes over the coming month, including Air Serbia’s service from Belgrade on April 15, which will see the country’s President arrive on the inaugural flight, as well as four new destinations by Italy’s Skyalps, including Verona, Rome, Bari and Munich. According to Mostar Airport, talks are ongoing to secure flights from the Lebanese capital of Beirut, however, due to geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, the service is still in doubt.


  1. Anonymous10:35

    It might not be much, but you have to start somewhere, aye?

    Who knows, maybe it'll be bigger than Tuzla eventually

  2. Anonymous10:37

    Imagine Mostar becomes the only Ex-Yu airport with flights to Beirut lol

  3. Anonymous11:11

    So this basicly means all this routes are targeted for gasto people ? They will be summer only or all year round ?

    1. Anonymous11:56

      italian routes look like religious charters to me

    2. Anonymous15:27

      Thats what I was thinking.

  4. Anonymous11:53

    4 airports in b&h is just crazy...

    1. Anonymous11:57

      two more are planned ^^

    2. Anonymous13:13

      Exactly, Bihać is already well underway, with secured budget from the FBiH Government, while Trebinje still "sleeps", though several "employees" receive their salaries there for years already ...

    3. Anonymous13:44

      exactly crazy as @11.53 said. Only in Bosna

    4. Anonymous17:15

      Not crazy at all. Bosna needs many airports

    5. Anonymous17:30

      Thats symbolic for the state of the country

    6. Anonymous18:06

      Loads of airports and barely any passengers in all of them together

    7. Anonymous19:15

      How many do you want? Bosna is not a huge country

    8. Anonymous21:10

      Bosnia also is not Romania for example or touristic Ctoatia for 6 airports....

  5. Anonymous12:50

    I think it would look much nicer if they had done this dark gray facade with these geometries along the entire terminal and replaced these garish colors with lighter gray tones. It would look quite decent. This way, it seems a bit trashy to me! Anyway, I wish many flights to Mostar!

    1. Anonymous01:22

      To me it is just ugly

  6. Anonymous13:47

    Could someone please make a calculation what the ratio is of incentives/subventions vs. number of pax?

  7. Anonymous14:18

    These are the numbers per years. 2015 and 2012 was around 75 000. So, the numbers right now are still to low.

    2023 - 20,544 Increase +91.8%
    2022 - 10,711 Increase +693.2%
    2021 - 1,942 Increase +41.34%
    2020 - 1,374 Decrease -95.81%
    2019 - 32,866 Increase +15.46%
    2018 - 28,463 Decrease -33.9%
    2017 - 43,118 Decrease -19.5%
    2016 - 53,618 Decrease -28.5%
    2015 - 75,024 Increase+10.3%
    2014 - 67,980 Decrease-1.3%
    2013 - 68,939 Decrease−13.2%
    2012 - 78,055 Increase +212.0%
    2011 - 36,807 Increase+206.0%

  8. Anonymous21:17

    whats happening with wizz air .some its write kontrakt and write att start its 2024


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