Zagreb Airport launches taxiway upgrade project


Zagreb Airport will commence the overhaul of its taxiways on May 2 with work expected to last until August 31. It will include the renovation of taxiways D and E, as well as taxiways H and G, the latter two having been built in 2017 with the new terminal building. It is part of an EU project aimed at overhauling manoeuvring areas at airports. It will also include the installation of new electrical equipment, as well as marking aids and signs on the taxiways. In a statement, Zagreb Airport noted, “There could be minor operational disruptions and delays on some flights to/from Zagreb”. Last year, Zagreb Airport upgraded its Aeronautical Ground Lighting system on the runway.


  1. Anonymous13:38

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous15:07

    Good thing that the EU is paying for it.
    Franjo Tudman airport is becoming even more modern.

  3. Anonymous15:10

    Definitely best managed airport, even amoung super fancy airports in Asia.

    1. Anonymous16:46

      Better managed than SIN or ICN? Funny. Better managed than KIX, airport that did not lose one bag due to airport issues in 29 years of operations? You are very funny.

    2. Anonymous17:00

      Stop feeding the troll.

    3. Anonymous18:01

      Sometimes you can't tell if it's analyst or a troll

  4. Anonymous09:45

    Does someone know exactly how this will affect the incoming traffic flows for let's say arrivals and departures to both runways (04/22).
    How will it be performed?


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