Air France - KLM boost Croatia operations


Air France - KLM is increasing its presence throughout Croatia this summer with additional flights by the two flag carriers. As previously reported, Air France is growing frequencies on services between the French and Croatian capitals by adding an extra daily rotation on Thursdays and Sundays for a total of nine per week. Starting July 8, it will further increase operations to eleven weekly flights. KLM will significantly increase capacity to Croatia this summer, particularly to Dubrovnik. Both Split and Dubrovnik will now have coordinated flight schedules. During the off-season, KLM will operate two daily flights to Split, with a late arrival and an early morning departure to Amsterdam the following day. Furthermore, the start of seven additional weekly flights between Amsterdam and Dubrovnik has been moved forward to July 2 instead of July 15. This change will allow for approximately 4.000 additional seats on the route. Starting from July 2, a late-night flight to Dubrovnik will be added, departing the next morning for Amsterdam. KLM plans to operate this route up to sixteen times per week.


  1. Anonymous10:47

    Amazing! Honestly hoping Ljubljana would get such treatment sometime in the future.

  2. Anonymous10:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous12:19

    I think Air France - KLM are now the main way for Americans to get to the Croatian coast. They carry more US passengers to Dubrovnik than United

  4. Anonymous13:35

    After 8 of July LJU have 10 AF flight per week. Every day one and Wednesday, Friday and Sunday second flight. There are 4 flight Transavia LJU to Paris Orly.

    1. Anonymous13:47

      Wish Transavia would become a year-round thing. Air France is good if you're flying to America, but for p2p, it's way too expensive

    2. Anonymous11:52

      Its specially good to fly their C class on 777. NOT


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