Austrian to boost Pristina winter flights


Austrian Airlines is increasing operations between Venna and Pristina this coming winter season, which begins on October 27 and runs until March 29, 2025. The Austrian carrier will maintain twelve weekly flights between the two cities for the majority of the winter, up from nine weekly last winter. Twelve weekly rotations are planned for all months with exception to January and February when they will run nine times per week (from January 13 until March 3), which also represents an increase from eight weekly the previous winter. A total of 85% of services will be maintained by the 120-seat Embraer E195 aircraft, 13% by the Airbus A320 and the remaining 2% by the A321. Changes, especially with planned equipment, remain possible. Austrian Airlines handled 133.596 passengers on its Pristina flights last year.


  1. Anonymous17:34

    How many flights do they have in summer?

  2. Anonymous18:42

    Austrian is a rip-off. PRN-VIE flights are oftentimes more expensive than PRN-VIE-JFK.
    I personally avoid them like the plague!

    1. Anonymous12:37

      I live in Eindhoven and for me it's cheaper to fly Dusseldorf-Vienna-Skopje(Austiran) than Eindhoven-Skopje(Wizz) in the summer season. But yeah 4 years ago i noticed on Austrian website that flying Amsterdam-Vienna-Skopje was cheaper than Vienna-Skopje. That is strange but in the summer they have often great deals for connecting passengers.

  3. Anonymous23:06

    Airlines are here to make money too.

    1. Anonymous01:08

      Expensive is one thing. A rip-off is quite another.
      The only reason they can still afford to act as if they still got the monopoly, is thanks to the billions of € in subsidies from the austrian socialist system!

  4. Visit Kosovo12:46

    This is great news. Am hoping for them to return to at least twice daily during the summer 2025 season.

    Just like most airlines, yes, they're probably expensive point-to-point, but Austrian's network to Western Europe and key destinations in North America for the Kosovan market is decent and the airport very easy to navigate.

    Turkish Airlines probably handles most of the North America bound passengers, but when it comes to the airport experience Vienna wins every day of the week for taxiing, short walking distances, and security screening. It's great to have it as an option.


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