EX-YU airline CEOs at world’s largest aviation gathering


The CEOs of the three remaining flag carriers from the former Yugoslavia will take part in the world's largest gathering of airline leaders - IATA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit (WATS). The 80th annual AGM, which will be hosted by Emirates, takes place in Dubai from June 2 – 4 and will be attended by Jiri Marek from Air Serbia, Mark Anžur from Air Montenegro, and Jasmin Bajić from Croatia Airlines. Mr Bajić was recently appointed to IATA’s Board of Governors, while Air Montenegro will have a representative at the event after the carrier became an IATA member last summer. Throughout the three days, over 3.000 delegates will engage in influential plenary sessions featuring high-level keynote speeches, panel discussions, and industry meetings. This by-invitation-only event is open to lATA member airlines, selected media, key industry stakeholders (including governments), and IATA strategic partners. EX-YU Aviation News is one of the selected media taking part in the event in Dubai and will bring you the latest.


  1. Anonymous14:44

    Nice and great to see ex-Yu there!

    1. Anonymous16:59

      Congrats Ex-Yu Aviation! IATA invitation means only relevant aviation media from Ex-Yu region will be present at the event!

    2. Anonymous09:51

      Mr Bajić should clean up the mess in his own backyard first and at least achieve that in a carrier owned 99% by the state at least the labor laws of that state are respected and adhered to. Let alone achieve social peace.

    3. Anonymous09:55

      Expanding on that statement before; there was a hypocritical virtue signaling post on a platform for business professionals, where they praise themselves for the balance of work and work life. Top hypocrisy. Disgusting. And the accompanying picture, the most disdained population in whole of Croatia Airlines -the cabin crew.

    4. Anonymous11:40

      I wonder if analiticar got an invitation 🤣

    5. Anonymous21:18

      Pitali su ga a njegov odgovor je bio , da za nešto ovako nema vremena jer radi 24 sata na dan

  2. Anonymous15:49

    If MNE joined IATA then have they been not issued numbered/letter code?


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